Skin And Facial Enhancement


Facial cell treatment is very effective in both men and women. The ideal candidate for this new procedure is a person presenting “early signs of face aging,” wherein the skin will has become flabby and wrinkles have become more apparent.

Persons with skin damage from direct sunlight, hormonal disorders, and Melasma (a common skin disorder in pregnancy) also benefit greatly from this innovative technique. Facial cell treatment ensures minimal tissue manipulation. The procedure is fully ambulatory, so there is no need (or risk) of general anesthesia or a hospital stay. It is done in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Medical professionals will provide specific instructions before and after the procedure. Recovery takes about a day. At first, the skin looks moderately – often imperceptibly – red. Then the redness disappears and the tissue recovers elasticity and tension. The complete effect will become evident after two weeks and could last up to three years, depending on the quality and care of the patient’s skin.

As a final result, the patient’s skin will not only look more youthful, but will have better contour and tension. This is because the procedure causes collagen to renew, obliterating wrinkles and clarifying or eliminating stains caused by aging, hormonal imbalances or excessive sun exposure. Cell repair is completely natural because the patient’s own body is doing the work. By choosing stem cell therapy, the patient avoids injections, cosmetic fillers, dermabrasion, laser, and chemical exfoliation.