About Dr. Castellanos, MD.


Ramon Castellanos, MD

While Dr. Castellanos possesses a very impressive set of medical credentials, including: Double Board Certified by the American Academy of Medical Specialties in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management, as well as Assistant Professor of Neurological Science at Florida International University.

However, Dr. Castellanos decided to follow his “true passion”, which is the clinical application of stem cell therapies and now holds over 15 years of expertise with Autologous Adult Stem Cells and the Regenerative Medicine arena.

In addition, Dr. Castellanos has developed several highly specialized products, tools and even patented techniques to help him be at the forefront in his medical practice.

He first created his own trademarked E-needle© to strategically allow him to collect the “ideal stem cells” for optimum results and has also developed innovative supplements (like his very own C-Stem 34); which may additionally boost the production of stem cells in the body.

Nonetheless, it is his coveted & patented technique called: Prometheus©, a procedure that prompted the creation and implementation of various new protocols, in order to obtain better clinical results (particularly in elderly patients) that has truly been “the key factor” to attract even top tier / elite athletes and celebrities to visit his StemCell Miami Institute. This innovative Prometheus© technique has delivered unparalleled results in thousands of procedures completed at StemCell Miami over the past 5 years, and all procedures in total absence of any adverse event to date.


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