About Dr. Castellanos, MD.


Prior joining STEMCELL Miami, Dr. Ramon Castellanos had been working with stem cells for more than a decade.

Due to his acquired experience, Dr. Castellanos was later invited to join a {research?} group at Mercy Hospital, where he studied the benefits of stem cell therapy even further.

In addition to Dr. Castellanos’ credentials as a stem cell specialist, Dr. Castellanos is also Board Certified, through ABMS, in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management. Recently, Dr. Castellanos received the honor of joining the FIU School of Medicine as an Associate Professor & Chief of Sport Medicine, with a specialty in pain management.

Dr. Castellanos is proud to have studied medicine and to have become an orthopedic surgeon in his native country of Cuba. He next began to practice medicine in the United States, where he became a leader in the clinical application of stem cells. Moreover, Dr. Ramon Castellanos is the current speaker in stem cell for multiple medical academies inside and outside of the United States.

Without a doubt, Dr. Castellanos is a leader in clinical application of stem cells. He can surely help you to “HOPE FOR A BETTER LIFE”

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