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Using Stem Cells to Heal Burns


Like I have consistently mentioned on many of my previous articles, the unlimited capacities of autologous stem cells and platelets never ceases to amaze me.

While at our StemCell Miami Institute (one of the few in the world) we specialize in treating orthopedic related illnesses like: osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder and issues related to the spine, there are times when we also try to help patients in need of treatments that are outside of the “true realm” of our medical specialty. Such is the case with Denisse, a close family friend and owner of a busy Nicaraguan restaurant in the city of Doral, where she unfortunately poured (by accident) a pot of hot oil all over the back of her legs, causing her a painful second degree type burn.

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Imagine your car spinning out of control, hitting a tree and ending up paralyzed from the neck down for life. This was the unfortunate case of Kristopher Boesen. Fortunately, Kristopher was not part of the thousands of people who remain paralyzed after a life-threatening injury every year, as his astounding improvement was made possible by the miracle of the 21st century: Stem Cells.

Kristopher was implanted with Stem Cells in his spinal cord in a pilot study and despite not guaranteeing his recovery, he still decided to move forward with the treatment, since he basically “had nothing else to lose.” Ultimately, the power of regeneration and restoration caused by his Stem Cell transplant quickly went into full effect and only 4 weeks later, Kristopher began to move his upper limbs and even began to answer the phone!