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Curiosamente ayer, leía un artículo en el National Post sobre el uso de células madres en Canadá. El artículo comenzaba con un testimonio de una canadiense de Toronto, Maureen Munsie de 63 años, la cual fue inyectada con sus propias células madre en el tobillo, debido a una artritis que la incapacitaba al punto de no poder subir escaleras. Sin embargo, tres meses después del implante, ella se había recuperado a tal nivel ¡que se había podido ir de vacaciones a la Patagonia!

Este resultado de la canadiense Maureen no es algo fuera de lo común, incluso diría, que es también la regla para mis pacientes tratados aquí en Miami, a los cuales igualmente les he trasplantado sus células en el tobillo (por una artritis degenerativa similar), con nuestro exitoso sistema patentado llamado: Prometeo, por los últimos 7 años y sin ningún efecto colateral.



Recientemente, tuve la consulta de seguimiento con Fernando G. un guayaquileño y hombre de negocios aquejado hace varios años de un problema en la columna lumbar, el cual se trató de corregir infructuosamente con una cirugía de fusión hace varios años.

Fernando viaja frecuentemente entre los EEUU, Colombia y Ecuador, teniendo que quedarse en múltiples hoteles. Según me refería, las camas de muchos de estos hoteles le exacerban su dolor lumbar hasta el punto de dejarlo casi baldado.



Alrededor del 2004, año en que nació mi hijo más pequeño John, fue cuando comencé a implantar en mis pacientes las células (del propio individuo) para tratar los dolores de las rodillas, cadera, tobillo y hombro. Desde entonces, he tratado más de 2400 pacientes y de ellos, más de 2000 han tenido alivio y éxito significativo con el tratamiento. Además, estamos orgullosos de poder confirmar que el alivio de estos pacientes ha continuado por muchos años.

Mucho se habla y se escribe en la actualidad sobre las células madre. Algunos grupos publican sobre el “sensacional poder de curar enfermedades” tales como la Diabetes, el Parkinson, el Alzheimer o la Esclerosis Múltiple. Sin embargo, otros grupos de personas y profesionales médicos tienen la opinión opuesta y muchos piensan que estos tratamientos son básicamente inefectivos.


Stem Cells & The Ice Man

In 1991, a frozen man was found in the Swiss Alps, conserved almost completely intact, for over 5000 years! They gave him the name: Ötzi and until today, he retains the honor of being “the most studied human” in history. Mostly because scientists have conducted numerous studies on him over the years (including: hundreds of X-rays, DNA tests & CT scans etc.) in order to find out his overall lifestyle, learn more about the foods that he ate and even what ailments he suffered back in the Stone Age.

The copious studies reflected that this ancient “Ice Man” must have been around 46 years old, was about 1.50 cm tall and ate a diet rich in red meats. In addition, they found that he suffered from lumbar spine issues and also (it was speculated) that he must have suffered from strenuous pains in his knees and spine.

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Beware of where you go to get a Stem Cell Transplant!

StemCell Miami
STEMCELL Miami specializes in the use of adult autologous (one’s own) stem cells.

Recently, the New York Times published an article about three women that apparently had lost their vision after receiving a Stem Cell transplant in a clinic operating in the United States. A faithful reader of my weekly newspaper column, wrote to me about this concerning issue (Vivien R) and asked for my opinion on the matter, since she had also seen a TV newscast that discussed this rather unfortunate situation. There are several important key aspects pertaining to this issue that I would like to share with you and particularly with Vivien, many of which were not clearly addressed in the NY Times article.

The newspaper article stated that an ophthalmologist from the prestigious Bascom Palmer Institute, testified that (after examining the patient’s retinas) they appeared to all reflect an “excessive cell growth”, and thus, he stated that (in his medical opinion) this “abnormal growth” was the probable cause for these patients to have unfortunately lost their eyesight.

In the almost 3500 cases that I have conducted on knees, hips, shoulders and spine in the last 14 years, I have never found an “excessive cell growth” in any of my patients. My medical philosophy and the FDA’s recommendation of using “minimal manipulation” would not produce such abnormal cell growth, since the patient’s own body would automatically control for that sort of abnormality not to happen.

However, only when cells are being cultivated, is when you could have the possibility of such unstoppable / abnormal cell growth occurring. Unfortunately, we can only speculate at this point about what truly transpired in these cases, since the article did not provide sufficient information about the level of manipulation used on any of these procedures and/or if these stem cells were actually cultivated or not, in the three particular procedures mentioned. The NY Times article also stated that the injection / procedure had been conducted by a “Nurse Practitioner” and not by a medical doctor certified to practice medicine in the United States.

With more than 30 years of experience as a doctor, in addition to possessing a Master’s degree and two medical specialties, I am considered as one of the true pioneers that spearheaded using stem cells, as a valid alternative to cure pain. Note that in our StemCell Miami institute, 100% of the stem cell transplants are solely performed by me personally, although I am very fortunate to also possess a top-notch medical team by my side, which assists me with each procedure.

Up to date, we have performed countless successful procedures without having one single negative effect in any of our patients. I think I can recall possibly only a handful (or less) of my patients that did not improve (significantly) after their procedures, in comparison to the thousands of patients that are extremely happy with their results and the tremendous improvements in their overall quality of life. I am personally very conservative as a medical professional and would rather not experiment, even if I am only slightly unsure of the outcome that we would obtain. Furthermore, the safety of our patents is always our number one priority and is of utmost importance with every procedure that we conduct at our StemCell Miami Institute.

While other institutions throughout the world, do perform riskier procedures (that include using animal cells, as well as placenta and embryonic derived cells etc.), we would like to strongly reiterate that at our institute, we only perform procedures using the patient’s own (autologous) adult stem cells.

So in conclusion, the moral of this story is that you must be very careful about where you go and who performs a stem cell transplant procedure on you or your loved ones. Please don’t believe everything you see or hear! I highly recommend for you to also conduct a thorough investigation / research and examine the credentials of the doctor & clinic where you are getting these treatments done, before you decide to move forward with them…so please, I urge you investigate first!!!

So if you, a family member, or friend needs to be evaluated to find out if Stem cell treatments are a viable option, please call us at (305) 598-7777. Remember that by mentioning this article the first consultation is free. If you want to contact the doctor directly, please do so via email: stemdoc305@gmail.com or for more information visit our website: www.stemcellmia.com or follow us on our Facebook Page & Twitter @StemCellMia or you can also watch our amazing testimonial videos on our YouTube channel.


How Stem Cells Rescued a Zumba Class Instructor


StemCell Miami
STEMCELL Miami specializes in the use of adult autologous (one’s own) stem cells.


Jeannine C. is a licensed Zumba instructor that currently resides in Key Largo, Florida. Approximately a year ago, she started suffering from a progressive pain on her right knee, that (unfortunately) even after engaging in multiple physical therapy sessions and taking endless pain medications, the excruciating knee pain continued to bother her, to the point that she had to stop undertaking in her “true life’s passion”: being a Zumba class instructor.

Jeannine first decided to seek the advice of a medical professional / orthopedic surgeon, which after evaluating her condition, quickly recommended that she needed to undergo a complete knew replacement surgery. The almost devastating news, left Jeanine in a sad state of total despair & hopelessness, since she understood that having such type of invasive procedure, also required an extensive post-surgery rehabilitation process and strenuous physical therapy sessions.

In addition, having this type of surgery would ultimately mean that Jeannine would not be able to teach her beloved Zumba classes for an extended period of time, since she would basically have to “learn how to walk properly” with her new prosthetic / knee implant.

Furthermore, she was extremely concerned about the many possible complications and adverse post-surgery reactions including: lung blood clogs, possibly developing a myriad of dangerous infections and/or concerns of adverse type reactions to undergoing general anesthesia etc.

To make matters worse, the orthopedic surgeon also clearly explained to Jeannine that there was a rather unfortunate possibility that (even after the surgery) she would not to be able to conduct her Zumba classes to the full extent or level of high intensity that she was used to before, due the likelihood of risking an early “wear and tear” type complication, loosening of the newly implanted prosthesis, or even the dangerous risk of this surgery causing Metalosis (a putative medical condition involving deposition and build-up of metal debris in the soft tissues of the body. Metalosis has been hypothesized to occur when metallic components in medical implants, specifically joint replacements, abrade against one another and could cause an adverse toxic reaction in the body).

Fortunately, Jeanine had recently heard about the amazing results that one of her Zumba students had experienced with a recent Stem Cell transplant in her knee, which allowed this student (only 6 months after her implant) to not only almost eliminate all pain related issues, but also helped to greatly improve her level of mobility and overall muscular strength, positively enough that she was encouraged to return to her usual (rather strenuous) physical regimen, including re-attending her Zumba sessions!

So Jeannine (after hearing the amazing testimony of her student) started vigorously researching about Autologous Stem Cell treatments and nearby medical institutions (to her Key Largo hometown) where these innovative procedures where being conducted. Luckily, Jeannine quickly learned about Dr. Ramon Castellanos and his proven track record (of almost 15 years) successfully conducting this type of orthopedic procedure and thus, quickly arranged to have the StemCell Miami team evaluate her painful condition.

After her initial consultation and thoroughly evaluating all her medical records and most recent MRI, Dr. Castellanos and his team of experts unanimously determined that she was an ideal candidate to have her own Stem Cells transplanted into her injured knee, and that is exactly what occurred at our institute early yesterday morning.

What we are expecting to happen after Jeannine’s procedure, is that her own newly transplanted stem cells would quickly start identifying the damaged tissue / cartilage area (what I often colloquially refer to as a “bump in the road” in the case of the damaged cartilage) and then having these new cells integrate with her old damaged cells (currently in a dormant state of hibernation) and basically just “bring them back to life!”

In other words, basically “wake the old cells up”, so they can start regenerating the damaged cartilage in her knee and consequently, basically healing the impaired knee naturally (identically to what happened to her Zumba student).

So if you, a friend or family member would like to learn more about Regenerative Medicine, PRP & Stem Cell treatments, please contact StemCell Miami at: (305) 598-7777 to schedule a consultation. For additional information, you can visit our website: www.stemcellmia.com or subscribe to our YouTube channel @Stemcellmiami, or also follow us on Facebook & Twitter. If you would like to ask the doctor a specific question, please do so via his direct e-mail address: stemdoc305@gmail.com





Jeannine C. es una instructora licenciada de Zumba que reside en Cayo Largo, Florida. Aproximadamente un año atrás, le había empezado progresivamente una molestia en su rodilla derecha la cual (a pesar de múltiples medicinas y sesiones de terapia física) continúo dándole problemas hasta que se convirtió en un dolor perenne y llegó al punto que tuvo que dejar su verdadera pasión, que era dar clases de Zumba.

Jeannine fue a ver a un cirujano ortopédico, el cual después de evaluarla le comunicó las malas noticias que necesitaba una cirugía de remplazo articular. Esta noticia dejó devastada a Jeannine, ya que esto representaba un periodo extenso sin poder dar clases después de la cirugía, además de un largo y difícil periodo de rehabilitación y terapia física para poder volver a caminar con el implante. En adición a todo esto, también le preocupaba el grave potencial de posibles complicaciones y afectos adversos que representaba una invasiva cirugía, como lo son: coágulos al pulmón, infecciones o reacción a la anestesia etc.




Cuando tenía 10 años, tuve un ataque de amigdalitis muy fuerte y mi padre me llevó a un colega especialista de garganta, nariz y oído que determinó que tenía que sacarme las amígdalas. Mi madre insistió en una segunda opinión, y el segundo especialista determinó que con antibióticos resolvería el problema. La realidad es que resolví el problema con antibióticos y hasta ahora conservo mis amígdalas.

La mayoría de los pacientes que evalúo diariamente han recibido una sola opinión, la cual no refleja verdaderamente la mejor decisión a tomar. En muchos casos, estos pacientes no han recibido suficiente información sobre un tratamiento alternativo, como lo son las poderosas células madre. Obtener una segunda opinión le diversifica y le enriquece las opciones de tratamiento al paciente, le confiere una esperanza y sobre todo, le aporta más información para tomar la decisión más adecuada a sus condiciones.





Siempre que me preguntan en una entrevista cómo veo el futuro de las células madre, solo existe una respuesta: El futuro está en el presente.

Después de casi 15 años trabajando en este campo, les puedo asegurar amigos lectores que estoy más que convencido que cada vez utilizaremos las sorprendentes células madre más y más. Estas no me han dejado de asombrar por su infinita capacidad para reparar, lo que se traduce en mi campo específicamente como: “el tratamiento para el control del dolor.”


The opportunity of a second chance through Stem Cells

By: Dr. Ramon Castellanos / StemCell Miami

When Niurca came to StemCell Miami last October, she thought that this would be her last chance to improve her medical condition. Some of her friends in Georgia had mentioned our institution to her, some referring to the treatments as “miracles” using stem cells.

Niurca had been serving a prison sentence in the state of Georgia, due to some mistakes in her past. Her hopes of rehabilitating and returning to society were quickly diminishing, as she found out that her liver was gradually dying due to an autoimmune disease cause by a medical drug.

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