Knee & Ankle

KNEE: Knees are considered as the “most attacked” of all the joints in our body by arthritis related pain.  It is by far the most common and also most successful procedure, being currently performed at our institute and the one that provides the best / most substantial beneficial results in our practice. In addition, conditions like: meniscus fractures, tendonitis and torn ligaments also respond extremely well to our PRP and /or to our strategic & patented Prometheus © procedure.

ANKLE: The ankle, and its several joints can cause severe pain due to inflammation and arthritis related issues. We have extensive expertise at solving most ankle related conditions with PRP and / or stem cell implants (for the more difficult / severe cases).

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We are a group of doctors from different medical specialties with a common goal: to alleviate and reduce medical and cosmetic problems through the application of stem cell treatment.

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