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Pain doesn’t have to be a way of life. Our regenerative treatments use your body’s natural healing ability to help repair damage to muscles, cartilage, tendons, bones and ligaments without surgery. Our research-based techniques and protocols allow us to use your own stem cells and place them in the precise area of your injury with the goal of reducing pain and inflammation while improving function. 

We pioneer the most advanced regenerative treatments using the power of autologous stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Surgery is not your only option. Live a better life pain-free. Regenerate naturally with Miami Stem Cell “the cure within”

 Live a better life free of pain. Our mission is to solve orthopedic pain conditions, not just treat them. We are devoted to your well-being and committed to providing quality care during all aspects of your journey with us.

Financing Option Makes Treatments Affordable

Our goal is to clear the obstacles our patients face when trying to live a better life free of pain. We offer Financing options for our patients, as stem cell treatments aren’t covered by insurance yet.


Pain Management

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Sexual Wellness

Why Us?

Autologous Stem Cells- From You To You
Miami Stem Cell uses autologous adult stem cells. Autologous simply means that you are both the donor and the recipient of the stem cells. Because you are using your own stem cells to help your body in the repair of damaged tissue, there is zero risk of rejection or disease transmission.

Minimally Invasive

Our treatments are minimally-invasive and regenerate your condition naturally using surgery as a last resort. Our goal is to provide healing with the least amount of disruption to your daily life. Most injuries and degenerative conditions are perfect candidates for regenerative treatments and deliver great results in the treated areas while surgery leads to longer recovery times with higher risks and permanent impacts to the body.

Personalized Care

We are obsessed with the details. Our services are individually tailored to you and your conditions. We focus on building a personal relationship with you while providing an unprecedented level of access to our clinical staff. With expanded and expedited appointments – in-person or via telemedicine – with little to no wait time – you can get the care you deserve that fits your schedule.

Proven Results

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of regenerative medicine, Miami Stem Cell is the only stem cell institute that possesses intellectual property and data on 8500+ stem cell procedures completed reflecting successful results on 87% of our patients after the first treatment.
Perfected Extraction Techniques
We are not just good at what we do, we are the experts. For over a decade, our team of medical doctors have perfected the technique to extract stem cells from bone marrow stem cells providing a pain-free experience for our patients.

Patient Safety First

Patient safety is a top priority. We strictly adhere to all FDA regulations and mandates to deliver the best results in the safest form.
Give Back
Everyone deserves to live a life pain-free. A portion of our sales proceeds goes into Miami Stem Cell Foundation to provide treatment to unprivileged medically fragile children in our community.

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journey towards a higher quality of life.


Great attention to patient need. I was very happy with the results I got from my recent treatment. I already feel 90% better.

Yanet Fundora
Miami, FL


Great service from start to finish, time and money well spent also i couldn’t ask for a more professional group of staff. This is my second time writing a review for stem cell that just shows how much i appreciate their team, thank you so much for your help.

Brian Fitness
Miami, FL


Wonderful people! The treatment has been very successful. Excellent pain management treatment. Very happy with regenerative medicine. Love the cafecitos.

Gustavo Grundler
Miami, FL


Why Us

One of the leading stem cell institutes in the United States, Miami Stem Cell provides matchless service in one of modern medicine’s most promising fields: Regenerative Medicine. Our team has pioneered and paved the way in this field with over 8000 completed stem cell procedures, successfully providing an alternative to surgery. Miami Stem Cell specializes in the use of Stem Cells to primarily treat pain related issues.

Over 15 Years Of Stem Cell And PRP Treatments!


What are
Stem Cells?


Our body is made up of many different types of cells. Most cells are specialized to perform particular functions, such as red blood cells that carry oxygen around our bodies in the blood, but they are unable to divide.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to divide and become any human cell in the body replacing specialized cells that are damaged or lost. They are an abundant amount of power and promise because of their multifaceted ability to transform into areas of the body that need attention and regeneration of healthy cell matter.We at Miami Stem Cell recognize the power and potency of stem cells to aid in the field of regenerative medicine. This is a truly exciting avenue for natural healing without surgery.

Contact us today to begin your
journey toward a higher quality of life.

What is stem cell therapy

PRP Injection vs Stem Cell Therapy
for Knee Arthritis

How to start your journey to a life free of pain:



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Minimally Invasive
You can simply call us or schedule your 15 minute free consultation.
In this call, we will review the form you submitted and will discuss, in detail, your treatment options


Personalized Care
Most of the treatments require a past MRI test – so the doctor fully understands your condition, and a tumor marker test (simple blood test). Through our partnership with CMS, Miami Stem Cell is proud to offer MRI exams for as little as $200.


Decide if you want to pay with
free financing

Miami Stem Cell offers free financing to our patients with no interest or hidden fees. It is easy to apply and fast to get approved.


Schedule the procedure
When you schedule your procedure, a 40% deposit will be collected


Prepare for the procedure
It may be necessary for you to take some medications prior to the procedure such as anti-inflammatory medication. Our medical staff will discuss the plan with you and will give you or send a prescription to your pharmacy.


Procedure day

Bring any new test results with you
Stop/start taking the medications, per doctor’s instructions
Bring a companion to drive you back
Leave all jewelry and other belongings at home
Please wear loose clothing that is easy to remove
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