As this year comes to an end, it has left us with exceptionally positive results regarding the application of Autologous Stem Cells in our StemCell Miami Institute.

In 2016 we performed more than 700 Stem Cell procedures, in addition to around 200 PRP procedures (Platelet Rich Plasma). The most common symptoms treated this year were mostly arthritis related, including: knee, hip & lumbar spine, wearing of the lumbar discs, cervical spine and also rupture of shoulder tendons, as well as numerous cases of peripheral neuropathy.

The average age of the patients that we treated in 2016 was 72 years old, which represents a great hope for this large aging sector of the population, since almost all of our patients also presented a great variety of “aging associated” diseases, most commonly: diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, depression, osteoporosis and problems related to concentration and memory, all of which would have basically worsened with an invasive surgical procedure.

Interestingly, more than 60% of patients also improved their “associated diseases” after the application of Stem Cells. Instead of yielding negative side effects, many patients saw improvement to their body as a whole. With regard to negative side effects, we are happy to report that this percentage was 0%, since we had no complications, rejection, contamination, or infection of the transplanted cells in any of our cases.

Most importantly, statistics show that 87.3% improved significantly from the pain! The challenges faced to improve the health of these ailing patients were significantly high, since most were either at the “end of the road”, or using Stem Cells basically as a last resort. They reached out to Stem Cells since they had failed in every other “traditional” plan to solve their pain. Most patients had initially tried to control their pain with the use of medicine, physical therapy, injections, or nerve blocks. The reality is that unfortunately, everyone had tried their luck with these procedures without seeing any successful results.

In addition to the tremendous triumphs in the field of clinical application of Stem Cells, our Institute has conducted numerous presentations to many physicians both domestically & internationally about the latest in Stem Cell advancements and treatments. In addition, StemCell Miami was represented at two major International Congresses this year: TOBI in the city of Las Vegas in the month of August and AAPMR in New Orleans in the month of October.

We are also actively working on completing 4 scientific research studies: 2 on the efficiency and safety of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and 2 additional studies on Stem Cells, in order to present our findings at international medical congresses next year (in the US, Latin America, and Europe). Among them, there is a remarkable research study on the number and viability of Stem Cells in 200 patients (of different ages and gender), which would represent knowing (first hand) how Stem Cells age in relation to the age and gender of patients. An important clinical study that at this scale, does not exist elsewhere at the present time. Finally, we are currently working with different companies in the US for the design and copyright of a device to obtain more rich and concentrated Stem Cells, both in bone marrow and in fat.

As you can see, we are very proud of the accomplishments we’ve attained this year and rest assured that in 2017, there will be many more achievements to come! So, on behalf of the entire StemCell Miami team, we want to thank all of the loyal readers, as well as all our patients throughout the year and wish you and your family a very prosperous New Year!

If you, a family member, or friend need to be evaluated to find out if Stem cell treatments are a viable option, please call us at (305) 598-7777.

If you want to contact the doctor directly, please do so via email: or for more information visit our website: or follow us on our Facebook Page & Twitter @StemCellMia or you can also watch our amazing testimonial videos on our YouTube channel.


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