Our mission at Miami Stem Cell is to provide our patients with the highest level of care and clinical expertise through innovative cutting-edge regenerative therapies that promote healing from the inside out – The Cure Within.

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Our Core Values:


At Miami Stem Cell, our core values are the foundation of everything we do. We believe in:

  • The Cure Within: 
    • We believe in the transformative power of regenerative medicine, which uses the body’s own natural healing processes to restore damaged tissues and promote overall health and wellness. 
  • Alternative to Surgery: 
    • We believe in avoiding surgery whenever possible. Our bodies hold the upmost power to regenerate and heal us from inside out. 
  • Patient-Centric Care: 
    • We go above and beyond for our patients . We use compassion and empathy to build long-lasting relationships with our patients based on trust and mutual respect. We treat each patient with kindness offering personalized care that empowers them to achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Accessibility & Give Back: 
    • We are committed to making regenerative treatments accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial situation. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the latest advancements in regenerative medicine and live a life free-of-pain. We offer free-financing and donate part of our proceeds to treat the unprivileged in need.
  • Science-driven approach: 
    • We stay true to scientific principles and evidence-based practices, using rigorous research and data analysis to inform our treatment strategies and ensure optimal results, all while upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: 
    • We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork to drive positive change and achieve our goals. We foster a culture of inclusivity, respect, and collaboration, and we work together as a team to provide the best possible care to our patients.


Miami Stem Cell is a company specializing in regenerative medicine, offering an alternative to surgery to patients from around the world.

The founders of Miami Stem Cell were both practicing orthopedic surgeons who were frustrated with the limited treatment options available for patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. They saw the potential for autologous stem cell therapies to provide a more effective and less invasive treatment option and decided to establish a company dedicated to research in the field of regenerative medicine.

As of today, the company has performed over 8000 successful regenerative treatments changing the lives of thousands of patients.

In the early years, Miami Stem Cell focused primarily on research and development, exploring the potential of stem cell therapies for various conditions. The company conducted clinical trials and studies and developed a number of proprietary techniques and protocols for harvesting, processing, and administering stem cells.

In 2013, Miami Stem Cell opened its first clinic, offering a range of regenerative medicine treatments to patients. The company quickly gained a reputation as a leader in the field of stem cell therapy, and attracted patients, to include celebrities and pro-athletes, from around the world seeking innovative and effective treatments.

Over the years, Miami Stem Cell has continued to expand and refine its services, adding new treatment options and developing new techniques and technologies. The company has also expanded its reach, opening additional partnerships with renowned multi-specialty clinics in other cities in the United States.

Today, Miami Stem Cell is recognized as one of the foremost providers of regenerative medicine services with an impeccable reputation and continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of autologous stem cell therapies.

With a team of highly skilled doctors and a staff that goes above and beyond in everything they do, the company is committed to making regenerative treatments accessible to everyone because we all deserve to live a life free-of-pain.

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