If you are seeking ACL injury treatment after an ACL incident, make sure to consider stem cell knee injections from Stem Cell Miami. Along with our PRP injections, our stem cell knee injections help patients recover after an ACL sprain. We at Stem Cell Miami know how difficult it can be to deal with an ACL tear and that is why we strive to get our patients feeling like themselves as quickly as possible. If you are interested in learning more about ACL injury treatment, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.


What is an ACL Injury?


Your ACL is also known as your Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It can get sprained or torn in a number of activities, but those who participate in sports are more likely to get ACL injuries than those who do not. Those who suffer from an ACL injury can categorize their injury in one of three grades. Grade one sprains are where the ligament has been mildly stretched but is otherwise stable. A grade two sprain is where the ligament is stretched to the point where the knee joint is no longer stable but loose. Finally, grade three is where the ligament tears completely and the knee joint is completely unstable.

An ACL injury can happen in a number of ways but these typically have to do with heavy, strenuous activities. For instance, athletes who spend a great deal of time running may get an ACL injury from changing directions very quickly, from stopping altogether too quickly, or landing a jump incorrectly.

Someone who has an ACL injury could likely benefit from ACL injury treatment because it can help them respond to the pain and get the cells to rebuild that connection that will regrow the ligament together.


Where Can You Get ACL Injury Treatment?


ACL injury treatment is not all made equal. Because of the severity of ACL injuries and the number of things that are frequently done utilizing our knees, there are many options for you beyond the expected. That said, many of these options are focused on surgery or prescription medication. Stem cell therapy can be an alternative but it is beneficial for you to speak with a doctor about what your concerns are so that you can get the right treatment for you.

Stem Cell Miami offers stem cell knee injections that can help those who are suffering from pain as a result of their ACL injury. With our PRP injections as well, we have a full array of treatments for those who are looking for a way out. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.


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Stem Cell Miami is a clinic in Miami that offers stem cell therapy for those patients that are suffering from an ACL tear. We are committed to helping our patients not simply mask the pain from an ACL tear, but truly heal. That is why we offer stem cell therapy as an alternative to prescription medicine and surgery. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.

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