There are many people across America who suffer from the pain of arthritis in their hips. This condition of the hip can result in severe pain and discomfort, and can have a profound impact on  your everyday life. Such negative effects include chronic pain and instability, which causes difficulties when walking, difficulties in balance, and also affects the stability of those who suffer from arthritis of the hip. Many people who suffer from hip problems are told that they have only one course of treatment in order to ease their symptoms: hip replacement. But hip replacement surgery is a large and invasive surgery, and many people do not want to choose this option. Luckily in today’s field of research, there are alternative treatment options available that have shown positive results and a lot  of promise. PRP for hip arthritis are treatments that have had many patients walk away happy. Read on to learn more about these treatments and how they may be able to help relieve your pain without the invasiveness of surgery. Miami Stem Cell is a top provider of stem cell therapy for arthritis in the Miami area. Call Miami Stem Cell today to learn more!


There Are Options For Hip Treatment


In a study recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, it has been noted that “despite the availability of evidence-based guidelines for conservative treatment of osteoarthritis, management of degenerated joints is often confined to the use of painkillers and the wait for eventual total joint replacement. This suggests a gap in knowledge for those with osteoarthritis regarding the different treatment options that are available to them.” So how wide is this gap in knowledge? The journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage  has noted that when patients are given the time and educational materials to thoroughly consider whether or not to proceed with  full hip replacement, there are more patients than not who choose not to have surgery. Many patients wish to avoid hip replacement surgery as it can limit their activities, as well as the surgery being a large and invasive one that requires a large amount of recovery time. However, stem cell therapy for arthritis is a thriving and promising field that has already come out with results- which may mean there may now be less invasive, more effective treatment options for hip arthritis. 


PRP For Hip Arthritis


You may be looking into stem cell therapy to treat hip osteoarthritis and in assisting you in avoiding a hip replacement surgery. The research that is in support of stem cell therapy for hip osteoarthritis and “bone on bone” is cutting-edge and has already shown promising results. Doctors at Toronto Western Hospital have recently illustrated that stem cells injected into the joint are able to initiate a healing environment in a degenerated hip, which includes the regrowth of bone in cases of bone death. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have published pre-clinical studies stating the use of stem cells have uniformly demonstrated improvements in osteogenesis (bone growth) and angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). Patient reported outcomes in clinical studies have also shown great improvements when treated with stem cells.


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Hip replacement may not be your only option, as stem cell therapy for arthritis thrives as a promising new field. If you are looking into PRP for hip arthritis, Miami Stem Cell is a top provider of the service in the Miami area. Call Miami Stem Cell today for your appointment!

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