When it comes to stem cell therapy, there has been great strides made in the treatments and many treatment options in order to help those who are suffering from various ailments and symptoms. Stem cell treatment for arthritis, for example, has been shown to have many positive effects on those who undergo the treatment, and stem cell therapy for arthritis and other illnesses and injuries hold great promise. It’s important if you are looking into stem cell treatment of any kind to be an informed patient, and it’s also great to just be informed in general regarding the various types of stem cells and stem cell treatments and what they can help to do. There are three main types of stem cells that they are all categorized into broadly: embryonic (or pluripotent) stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Read on to learn more about the different types of stem cells and their functions and what can be accomplished with each type of stem cell. Stem Cell Miami is a top provider for stem cell therapy in the Miami area. Contact Stem Cell Miami today for your stem cell treatment questions!


Categories of Stem Cells


Stem cells can be categorized into three main sections, which we will discuss below. Each type of stem cell has unique characteristics and serve different functions as well as can be used for different types of treatments. Firstly, let’s discuss adult/tissue stem cells. Adult stem cells are also called “tissue stem cells,” and are able to be sourced from different parts of the body of an adult. These types of stem cells hold specificity to the certain kinds of tissue in the body that they are coming from. For example. Liver stem cells from the liver are able to regenerate liver tissue, and stem cells from muscles are able to regenerate muscle fibers. However, these types of stem cells are limited to only becoming more of the tissue that they are specialized to. Liver stem cells are not able to create new muscle fibers, for example, and the reverse is also true. Embryonic/Pluripotent stem cells, on the other hand, are much more versatile. There are thousands of different types of cells that make up our bodies, and they all came from a pluripotent stem cell, or the one single “master builder” cell. These types of cells are basically blank slates, as pluripotent stem cells are able to create any cell type in the body, from skin cells and brain cells to muscle cells and other organs. Treatment with these two types of cells hold great promise with stem cell therapy for arthritis and other types of ailments. Pluripotent stem cells are not restricted to only becoming more of a specific tissue, unlike tissue stem cells. Primarily pluripotent stem cells refer to embryonic stem cells, but now also covers another type of cell, called “induced pluripotent stem cells.”


Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, or iPSCs, are pluripotent cells that are derived from adult tissue through today’s new technology, and have many of the characteristics that embryonic stem cells hold as they are able to become any type of cell in the body. However, this type of cell is still less well-known about than the other types. Due to the fact that the field of stem cell research is relatively new, it is essential to explore all avenues of stem cell research, from pluripotent to tissue cells.


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Stem cell treatment for arthritis and other types of diseases holds great promise. Stem Cell Miami offers stem cell therapy for arthritis and more. Contact Stem Cell Miami in Miami today for a consultation!

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