Several years ago, I started writing this informational column of which I am very proud of, possibly because it has been the first (in a major publications in the US, as well as in local periodicals) where the topic of stem cells and the fascinating new branch of medicine called “Regenerative Medicine” are thoroughly discussed.

However, the public at large knows very little about the wide array of Human Cell related products that are currently available (and also approved by the FDA). So I have created this informative table, in order to better explain / summarize such available products. Please note that I am comparing these products based on their anti-inflammatory properties and also on their ability to regenerate tissue. Furthermore, I have included Cortisone among them, just as a point of reference:


Autologous (you) X X X
Allogeneic (other) X X
Growth Factors XX X XXX XXXX XXXX
Stem cells


Stem Cell Hematopoietic XXX X

* Table Property of StemCell Miami


As I have explained on numerous previous articles, cytokines and growth factors are the ones responsible for controlling / regulating inflammation and thus, key players at reducing pain.


As you can clearly see on this descriptive table, Cortisone provides only minimal amounts of cytokines and delivers zero growth factors. However, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) provides an acceptable amount of cytokines and growth factors, but much less than what PLACENTA derived products provide. Of all of the human cell products, the one that provides the least anti-inflammatory properties is the amniotic product, but yet, it still far outperforms the power of Cortisone.


Meanwhile, stem cells from (both from bone marrow and fat) not only provide a huge amount of cytokines and growth factors, but also have the unique ability to provide cells that have the capacity to replicate and transform into new tissue. In addition, these potent / replicated cells are also able to increase the production of more beneficial cytokines and growth factors in order to help reduce pain & inflammation.


In conclusion, I hope this table serves as a suitable guide for you, as well as for many of my medical colleagues, who now use this table as a valuable tool in order to recommend the most suitable Regenerative Medicine type treatment for their patients.


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