If you’ve been looking for a blood test for vitamins and minerals deficiencies you’ve found it! The stem cell therapy experts at Stem Cell Miami introduce intracellular micronutrient testing. Your body needs a certain amount of minerals and vitamins to maintain a healthy balance. Understanding what your body is lacking is essential to know how to care for your body correctly. If you’re in the Miami area, there is a new test that laboratories are conducting that can give you the insight you need to care for yourself properly.


The Blood Test For Vitamins and Minerals Deficiencies

Intracellular Micronutrient Analysis or testing is a new and innovative way to identify any deficiencies that your body may have so you can address them and get yourself feeling the best. Doctors are using this test to screen for nutritional deficiencies in both people with chronic illnesses and ones that seem perfectly healthy. It is also being used to help diagnose diseases that have in the past been hard to identify because they cause generalized symptoms.


The test got its name because the term “micronutrients” is used to describe the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to remain healthy. If your body is not receiving an adequate amount of these micronutrients, you can experience a variety of symptoms including fatigue, headaches, and emotional changes. The most common vitamins that have been found to be deficient in patients are vitamins A, B1, B12, C, D, and selenium. Although, nutritional deficiency is uncommon in the United States because most people get enough nutrition from their diets and over the counter vitamins they are still occurring. This test is going to help figure out why and how to correct the problem.


These tests are conducted in laboratories and are used to confirm a doctor’s suspicion of a micronutrient deficiency. The test measures the intracellular levels of micronutrients. Supporters of this type of testing say it is superior to the testing in the past that was done through a serum analysis and standardized values are used to identify “normal” and “deficient” nutrient states. Advocates support their claims by stating that intracellular levels have the ability to show micronutrient levels over an extended period of time. However, there can be problems with intracellular testing because of the differences in each individual cell type.


When the test is done a panel of micronutrients are evaluated. Some of the minerals that are examined are magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorous. The vitamins that are looked at are A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, and K. Another way the test can be performed is by a blood sample. Blood is drawn from the patient, and the intracellular status of the micronutrients in the sample is examined.


Similarly to stem cell therapy this innovative treatment is not for everyone. That is why it’s important to speak with the experts to learn more about the details before determining if it’s right for you.


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