Is Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain a Scam?

Is Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain a Scam?

Stem cell research is constantly being developed every day and stem cell therapy for back pain is one of the results of that research. Stem Cell Miami in Miami is actively using this therapy to help their patients relieve their pain and improve their overall wellbeing. However, is this use of stem cells really effective? Are there any negative side effects? How does stem cell therapy work? If you would like to learn more about stem cell therapy for back pain, contact Stem Cell Miami or visit our website.


What is Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain?


Back pain is a problem that plagues many people. While it is assumed that it gets worse as we age, it can affect anyone at any point their lives. There are many causes to back pain, including repetitive motions, genetic background, and other conditions. Back pain can range in severity and some people can solve their back pain problems simply by changing how they sit and sleep while others require more extreme methods.

There are many different back pain solutions on the market. This can be over-the-counter pain medication or prescribed pain relievers, icing the area of injury, or even surgery. As with any surgery, back pain surgery can have its consequences. It can also be costly and be ineffective.

There is another option found in stem cell research. Stem cell research focuses on utilizing stem cells to alleviate pain by having the stem cells promote the growth of healthy cells in the area where the pain takes place. By creating new healthy cells, the stem cells drive out the damaged cells and heal the area of pain.


Does Stem Cell Research Really Back This?


There is ample research being done on stem cells and much of it is still in progress. However, many peer reviewed studies already exist stating positive results. What is relatively certain is that there are few, if any, negative side effects to utilizing stem cells for back pain. Because the stem cells used in the procedure are from the body itself, there is no risk of the body rejecting the cells, making the procedure safe.

Stem cell research is an exciting field because there are new uses being studied for stem cells every day. As we delve further into the field and discover new successes for stem cells, we can start beginning new procedures and cure new problems. Right now, stem cell therapy for back pain is a unique and innovative way to deal with back pain and the more we invest in the procedure, the more we can perfect it.


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Stem Cell Miami in Miami, FL is a clinic that utilizes innovative stem cell therapy to help their patients relieve their back pain. If you would like to schedule an appointment, visit our website or call us to learn more about stem cell research and how it can be used to treat your back pain.

The FDA & Stem Cells

About two weeks ago, the IFATS (International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science) congress concluded in Miami Beach, one of the most important conferences in relation to stem cells treatments derived from fat.

I want to first thank my friend and event promoter Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez, for not only inviting me to this great conference, but also because we have developed a very strong personal bond, mostly because we both share the strong vision that stem cells are and will be, the future of modern medicine.


Obtain Relief with Regenerative Medicine For Wrists

Obtain Relief with Regenerative Medicine For Wrists

Wrist pain treatment can come in an array of forms but regenerative medicine, as performed by Stem Cell Miami in Miami, may change the whole landscape of the way that wrist pain is treated. Stem Cell Miami is devoted to revolutionizing the way that pain is treated without the need for invasive and difficult-to-recover-from procedures. With their expertise, you can be certain to find the treatment that will not only improve your overall condition but will give your body the tools to heal on its own in the future. Contact them to schedule an appointment and speak with a doctor about how your wrist pain could be improved with regenerative medicine.


Are you looking for wrist pain treatment?

Wrist pain can affect anyone for a variety of reasons. It can come from arthritis or a traumatic injury. Even something as simple as overuse from any number of tasks can cause carpal tunnel which can cause extreme pain in the wrists. Wrist pain affects the ligaments and tendons, causing damage to those very parts that hold your hand mobile. When you experience wrist pain, you are experiencing the wear and tear of that damage and this can lead to further pain if left untreated. The longer that you simply ignore your wrist pain, the more you are allowing the ligaments and tendons to persist in their strain. This can have long-term effects. Rather than suffering through the pain of having your wrists damaged more and more over time, seeking effective treatment early on can help to lessen the pain and improve the tendons and ligaments.


How regenerative medicine can help

Regenerative medicine is a form of medicine that is fairly new but brings exciting changes into the world of pain wrist pain treatment. Its focus is to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal itself and to encourage the regeneration of the functioning cells to minimize and purge the damaged cells. Because the field is still so new, there are many parts of its potential that have yet to be unlocked, but so much already exists to your benefit.

For instance, regenerative medicine can be used as a form of wrist pain treatment. Because wrist pain is caused by the damage to tendons and ligaments in your wrist as a result of a variety of causes, you can potentially solve the problem by replacing the damaged cells with healed ones. This way, your body will naturally restore itself to normal and your healing process will be much more fluid and easy than it would with surgery or medication, which alter your body in an unnatural way.


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If you have been searching for a new way to treat your wrist pain and are frustrated with the lack of results, contact Stem Cell Miami. They have the perfect way to treat your wrist pain with the help of regenerative medicine. They can help your body heal itself and get you back to your normal self faster.

Available Human Cell Products Approved by the FDA

Several years ago, I started writing this informational column of which I am very proud of, possibly because it has been the first (in a major publications in the US, as well as in local periodicals) where the topic of stem cells and the fascinating new branch of medicine called “Regenerative Medicine” are thoroughly discussed.

However, the public at large knows very little about the wide array of Human Cell related products that are currently available (and also approved by the FDA). So I have created this informative table, in order to better explain / summarize such available products. Please note that I am comparing these products based on their anti-inflammatory properties and also on their ability to regenerate tissue. Furthermore, I have included Cortisone among them, just as a point of reference:


Autologous (you) X X X
Allogeneic (other) X X
Growth Factors XX X XXX XXXX XXXX
Stem cells


Stem Cell Hematopoietic XXX X

* Table Property of StemCell Miami


As I have explained on numerous previous articles, cytokines and growth factors are the ones responsible for controlling / regulating inflammation and thus, key players at reducing pain.


As you can clearly see on this descriptive table, Cortisone provides only minimal amounts of cytokines and delivers zero growth factors. However, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) provides an acceptable amount of cytokines and growth factors, but much less than what PLACENTA derived products provide. Of all of the human cell products, the one that provides the least anti-inflammatory properties is the amniotic product, but yet, it still far outperforms the power of Cortisone.


Meanwhile, stem cells from (both from bone marrow and fat) not only provide a huge amount of cytokines and growth factors, but also have the unique ability to provide cells that have the capacity to replicate and transform into new tissue. In addition, these potent / replicated cells are also able to increase the production of more beneficial cytokines and growth factors in order to help reduce pain & inflammation.


In conclusion, I hope this table serves as a suitable guide for you, as well as for many of my medical colleagues, who now use this table as a valuable tool in order to recommend the most suitable Regenerative Medicine type treatment for their patients.


So if you, a family member or friend are interested in receiving Regenerative Medicine treatments, please call StemCell Miami at 305 598-7777 or toll free at 1-855-598-CELL. For more information visit: or watch our numerous testimonial videos on our YouTube channel @Stemcellmiami or also follow us on FB and Twitter. Stem Cell Miami would appreciate any comments on this article or if you want to write directly to the doctor please do so via:







Available Human Cell Products Approved by the FDA

Several years ago, I started writing this informational column of which I am very proud of, possibly because it has been the first (in a major publications in the US, as well as in local periodicals) where the topic of stem cells and the fascinating new branch of medicine called “Regenerative Medicine” are thoroughly discussed.



While writing this article, I am currently at the Punta Cana airport in the beautiful Dominican Republic, heading back to Miami after a very successful stem cell congress, where we presented our vast experience in treating painful orthopedic related conditions using our innovative stem cell derived treatments & procedures.

This particular congress provided a full spectrum of stem cell related topics, that were very well balanced between presenting a good mix of some basic cellular type science and also discussing about more specific stem cell research results (based in our case on real patients results), where I personally conducted several presentations centered on our own clinical application of such treatments and the corresponding results from our own StemCell Miami patient base.