Stem Cell Beauty 2022 6 | Stem Cell Therapy Enhance Facial Appearance



As we age, we all start to notice the gradual wear and tear on the body, especially in our faces. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, lack of sleep, not staying hydrated, and many other life and environmental factors can all take a toll on our skin. But now, more people than ever before can enjoy a youthful appearance for longer periods of time without scarring or expensive surgery.

Stem cell therapy is a popular noninvasive cosmetic procedure that helps restore and rejuvenate your face. It involves harvesting powerful cells and using them to promote growth and speed healing. In terms of cosmetic uses and facial rejuvenation, stem cells are removed from a patient’s own tissue, combined with premium growth hormones, and then the concentrated solution in reinjected into target areas of the face. The unique thing about stem cells is that they can develop into any type of cell in the body, in addition to encouraging production of native cells.

What is a Stem Cell “Facelift”?

The stem cell facelift is not like your traditional facelift with incisions and scarring. This is a nonsurgical procedure that rejuvenates the face, providing plumper skin, and a brighter, more even skin tone. The stem cell facelift uses your own tissue’s natural growth elements. These can be found in your blood or in fat tissue from various spots in your body. These cells are separated and combined with hyaluronic acid fillers to support the growth factors. It provides nonsurgical, nonscarring facial rejuvenation while it promotes tissue growth for a brighter, more vibrant appearance. It also encourages collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and restores shape and plumpness around the mouth, eyes, and cheeks. The procedure requires very little downtime, and you can enjoy the results for about a year.

Give your beauty a boost with the advanced technology of Stem Cell therapy. If you’re ready to explore your options, ask us about using stem cells to enhance your appearance by calling us at (305) 598-7777 or visit:

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