There are certain events that play a vital role in the development of a scientist, musician or athlete. Although the use of Adult Stem Cell therapy in my practice dates back to more than ten years, I would like to tell you about a particular life-changing event that basically played a catalytic role in my life & medical profession.

In 2012, I had the honor of being invited by Pope Benedict XVI to a conference on the future of Adult Stem Cells in the Vatican. At that time, I remember having a conversation (at the end of the event) with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (President of the Vatican Cultural Council), who gave his full support towards the scientific use of Adult Stem Cell therapy, as a means of: “alleviating the suffering derived from aging, illness and disability.” I also recall that he pointed out that there is no contradiction between church and science, an honored tradition that has spread for over 2000 years.

Despite my faith in Adult Stem Cells since I began working with them and also in spite of the thousands of testimonies from my patients after their successful procedures, it was my visit to the Vatican that truly marked me forever and ultimately instilled in me the direction & path I needed to take in my medical practice.

The words of Cardinal Ravasi are still relevant with every passing day and even when I experience life’s many daily difficulties & array of tribulations. That catalytic Vatican event, along with the unlimited success stories of my patients, are what basically keep me tremendously enthusiastic about my medical career and thus, the use of Stem Cells.

One of these numerous success stories is that of Mari S, a patient who came to us with a combination of pain and wear on both ankles. Another is the condition of Marcos P, a Brazilian who despite being in his fifties, still loved playing soccer (for more than 90 minutes) and whose pain and inflammation in his Achilles tendon made it basically impossible for him to play his favorite sport.

Both of these patients were implanted with Stem Cells and only 7 weeks later, we found that they had healed extraordinarily. Mari’s cartilage was no longer in pain and she could once again take long walks. Marcos, also had returned to playing soccer (as if nothing had ever happened in his tendon!), which he now happily describes as “brand new.”

Lastly, we find the case of Remberto B, a tall & corpulent gentleman who was moving very painfully (even with the assistance of a walker) because of a terrible pain in his lumbar spine. Worst of all, Remberto had already exhausted all available medical resources besides surgery, which (unfortunately for him) promised more actual complications than true benefits.

Incredibly, Remberto B, months after literally “repairing” his spinal column with his own Adult Stem Cells, has regained the ability to walk normally. His pain is gone and even he and his family cannot believe the incredible results!

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