While writing this article, I am currently at the Punta Cana airport in the beautiful Dominican Republic, heading back to Miami after a very successful stem cell congress, where we presented our vast experience in treating painful orthopedic related conditions using our innovative stem cell derived treatments & procedures.

This particular congress provided a full spectrum of stem cell related topics that were very well balanced between presenting a good mix of some basic cellular type science and also discussing about more specific stem cell research results, based (in our case) on real patient’s driven results. I personally conducted several presentations centered on our own clinical application of such treatments and the corresponding outcomes from our own StemCell Miami patient base.

Specifically, we presented the results of our renowned procedure called Prometeo, which we have applied on thousands of patients suffering from joint related pain and also in the lumbar region, receiving amazing results over the past seven years. This specific presentation was very well received and seemed of utmost interest to numerous colleagues attending this conference from around the globe. Following is a detailed summary of what transpired in this international stem cell conference:

  • First, we discussed about our innovative procedure to control joint and lumbar region pain, one which we have successfully applied in over 3500 cases, where 100% of them have reported (at least) some level of improvement, according to our research statistics that are based on a wide distribution of ages and condition levels.
  • Secondly, we spoke about how all our procedures fully comply with the FDA mandated regulations in the US, a significant issue that was of utmost importance to many colleagues (from around the world) that are very interested in performing similar procedures in their respective countries.
  • Thirdly, we presented our own research results that have also been validated by numerous findings from other colleagues in the US and also from abroad.
  • Finally, we showed that our procedures represent a minimal risk to patients, emphasizing the total absence of adverse effects, subsequently converting it into one of the safest pain management procedures being currently conducted in the US and also at an international level.

The overall conclusions presented on this highly acclaimed International Stem Cell Congress (as also mentioned to numerous members of the local media), is the importance of how the overall process of using stem cell technology is becoming much more serious, ethical and scientific in nature. We have been able to clearly demonstrate how many of these powerful cells (collected from bone marrow and/or fat) can effectively function to communicate with other damaged cells in order to ultimately & successfully control pain (as it has been repeatedly validated in our own experience & patient base research results for many years).

Regenerative Medicine (or what I like to call “The New Medicine of the 21st Century”), is becoming every day a much more effective and viable option to control pain for many orthopedic related conditions and also in lumbar region type pain. This an important new option for those patients that have only been offered an invasive surgery as their ultimate alternative, or that have had to rely on taking (often dangerous) dosages of pain killer medications for life (neither of which are well-liked options for many patients today).

So if you, a family member or friends are interested in receiving treatment with Stem Cells or PRP, please call us at (305) 598-7777. For more information visit: www.stemcellmia.com or watch our amazing testimonial videos on our YouTube channel @Stemcellmiami or you can also follow us on FB and Twitter. Stem Cell Miami would appreciate any comments on this article, or if you want to write directly to the doctor please do so at: info@stemcellmia.com


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