Juvenile arthritis can be a troubling condition for children to deal with, but can they receive stem cell therapy for it? Stem Cell Miami understands how concerning juvenile arthritis can be for parents and we are always striving to provide as many treatments for our patients as possible. If you would like to learn more about stem cell therapy for arthritis and whether you or your child could benefit from it, contact us at Stem Cell Miami and schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners.

What is Juvenile Arthritis?


Juvenile arthritis is the term used to describe arthritis in children. Typically, when children contract arthritis in their youth it is juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which means that it is from unknown causes. Regardless, arthritis leads to pain and inflammation in the joints and can affect the quality of life of the child.

Children of all backgrounds can have juvenile arthritis and there is no fully understood cause for it. Rather, it is believed that it is typically an autoimmune disorder but there is no certainty in what triggers it, whether it be genes or a virus.

Kids who have juvenile arthritis can experience limping specifically in the morning when they wake up, excessive clumsiness as a result of their loss of motion, high fever and skin rash, and swelling in the lymph nodes and other parts of the body. These symptoms can range in severity according to the child’s lifestyle and the level of treatment that they receive.


Can Children Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis?


While adults can readily receive stem cell therapy for arthritis and see a tremendous improvement in their quality of life, this type of treatment is not yet available for children. That said, advancements are constantly being made to the field of stem cell therapy and there may come a day when your child can also benefit from stem cell therapy.

Currently, however, children can receive treatments for their pain and stiffness from doctors. The focus of their treatment is activity and exercise. This can usually be enough to make a significant difference in the lives of children who suffer from arthritis.

If you are an adult who suffers from arthritis, Stem Cell Miami can help you with our stem cell therapy for arthritis treatments. As an experienced and dedicated clinic, we strive to provide the best treatments to our patients so that they may fully experience the benefits of not having to deal with arthritis. If you are interested in learning more about our treatments, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.

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Stem Cell Miami is committed to helping patients feel the best that they can. While stem cell therapy for arthritis is currently only for adults, there are always advancements being made to the field and there could come a day where stem cell therapy could be used to treat kids who suffer from juvenile arthritis. Contact us to learn more about treating arthritis and how we could help you.

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