Knee & Ankle Stem Cell Treatment

Knee & Ankle Stem Cell Treatment

Knee and ankle arthritis treatment can be easy to come by. In today’s medical terrain, Miami Stem Cell in Miami knows that there are many procedures which can help to alleviate pain in both of these areas, but they can often be costly and require the patient to take quite a bit of time off from their daily activities. That is not the case with stem cell knee injections. Stem cell knee injections along with PRP can truly make a difference in the pain that you feel in your knee and ankle without the need for surgery or additional pain medication. To learn more about this procedure, contact us today.

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Knee Arthritis Treatment

Because they are so frequently used, it is no surprise that knees are considered to be one of the most attacked joints by arthritis related pain in our body. This is why there are so many different options for resolving knee pain available. However, many of these deal with surgery or pain medication as a way of treating the pain. At Miami Stem Cell, we take a different approach to treating knee pain that is just as, if not more, effective.

Stem cell knee injections are by far the most common and most successful procedure being currently performed at our institute, and the one that provides the best and most substantial beneficial results in our practice. In addition, conditions like meniscus fractures, tendonitis, and torn ligaments also respond extremely well to our PRP—otherwise known as plasma rich platelets—treatment and to our strategic and patented Placentexx procedure. To learn more about the Placentexx procedure, schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians or call us at our office.


Ankle Arthritis Treatment

The ankle, and its several joints, can cause severe pain due to inflammation and arthritis related issues. It is almost as common as the knee since many of us are constantly on the move and our ankle takes the brunt of our weight as we traverse through the world. At Miami Stem Cell, we have a solution for the pain that may come as a result of stress and inflammation to the ankle.

We have extensive expertise at solving most ankle related conditions with our PRP treatment in which the patient receives their own blood, after it has been passed through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Stem cell implants are also available for the more severe and difficult cases. This procedure consists of stem cells taken from the patient themselves to then be implanted at the ankle where it can replace the damaged ||cells with healthy ones to encourage an alleviation in the pain and healing overall.



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Miami Stem Cell has the knee and ankle arthritis treatment that you have been searching for. If you are in pain as a result of arthritis in either your knee or ankle, contact us at Miami Stem Cell and see how we could help you. Make an appointment with us and begin the healing process today.

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