Stem cell knee injections are something that people do not know too much about. However, Stem Cell Miami knows they have had real results for any knee injury football may have caused. One prime example of that is the football player, Eddie George. George invested time and energy into searching for ways to resolve his knee pain. He did not find a real result until he came upon stem cell knee injections. It was with this that he was able to see real results and recover. If you are interested in learning more about our services or you have questions regarding stem cell therapy, contact us at Stem Cell Miami today.

Learn More About Eddie George

Eddie George is a retired football player who discovered stem cell therapy thanks to other athletes such as Kobe Bryant. George suffered from severe pain in his knees as a result of the forces that he endured during his career. For years, George searched for solutions to his pain that would give him real results and was disappointed at what he found. Eventually, he found his way to stem cell therapy. With it, he was able to see a real change in his pain and promising future for himself.

He receives regular injections in his knees, and the stem cells themselves are drawn from his abdomen. George is continually surprised at the ease of the procedure and at the lack of pain he feels following the injections. Instead, he feels happier and healthier and is able to take on much more than he was able to in the past.

Other frequent clients of the clinic that he attends are military veterans and other people who suffer from immense amounts of pain and need long-term resolutions.

Results for Any Knee Injury Football Caused

Stem cell therapy takes the stem cells in one’s own body and places them where they are most needed. There, they can take the place of the damaged cells that are there and encourage the growth and expansion of healthy cells. From there, the patient can begin to see a relief in their pain and live a better life. We at Stem Cell Miami can do this for you. We specialize in stem cells, and we can offer you a solution that is sure to last.

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Stem Cell Miami is a stem cell therapy clinic that can help you resolve any knee injury football may have caused. We know that the type of injuries that you get during a football career and stem cell knee injections can make a real difference. This is because stem cell knee injections are built to help patients who have continual pain and provide them with a way to keep that pain from getting worse. It is also a solution for those who are trying to improve their overall quality of life. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation, contact us at Stem Cell Miami for more.

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