Knee pain is nothing to joke about. It can get to the point where you will avoid walking at all costs. Luckily science has provided us with a way to cure that pain with stem cell knee injections. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis from a torn meniscus, stem cell for knee pain provides relief to individuals that will have them walking pain-free. Here at Stem Cell Miami, we are here to help! Located in Miami, our professionals will ensure that your pain goes away. Contact us today!


Which Route Will You Take?

You use your knees more than most other parts of your body. You are always moving them even when you do not think you are. This tends to be a hotspot for arthritis. Although there are many ways to relieve knee pain, most of those options require surgery or harsh pain medication. Why not make it easier and quicker on yourself? Stem cell therapy is more effective.


This treatment is simple. Stem cell knee injections are becoming more common and the more successful in the stem cell industry. It is the most common and popular procedure when it comes to stem cell therapy. It will [provide the most substantial and beneficial result, ridding you of the pain entirely. This procedure will heal conditions such as meniscus fractures, tendonitis, and torn ligaments.


How Long Does It Take Your Torn Meniscus To Heal?

The entirety of the procedure will typically take three to four hours. It will be so simple that you as a patient will be able to walk out the office, comfortably, as soon as the procedure is over. Most patients can return to work and daily activities within a couple of days. You can’t say the same for those who decided to take the route of knee surgery.


You will not need braces. You will not need crutches. You just will walk out the doors and head home. Your pain relief will begin in as little as two to twelve weeks. By the time six months hit, most patients continue to have ongoing improvements, no pain, a decrease in inflammation, and an increase in mobility and function.


After the procedure, patients may experience mild tenderness from where the liposuction was performed. This may also lead to som fluid drainage at the site during the first 12 hours. This will not last and will heal relatively quickly.


We encourage our patients that even though your pain seems almost gone, it is still best to only perform light activities. You don’t want to do anything too strenuous for at least a month.


Schedule Your Appointment With Us Today!

Get recovery for your torn meniscus with stem cell knee injections. Located in Miami, Stem Cell Miami has the knee treatment you have been long awaiting. Our mission is to control orthopedic related pain and suffering by using the latest and most innovative Regenerative Medicine therapy procedures available today. If you have any pain regarding your knee contact us today and see how we can make that pain go away. Make an appointment and begin the healing immediately.

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