There is no industry that advances faster and more exponentially every year than medicine. Discoveries are made every day, which contribute to the dozens of treatments and medications being offered all over the world. It seems as though every time the television is on, a new medication or therapy is being offered for any number of ailments, and they’re always evolving. One of the most common ailments affecting patients around the world is Osteoarthritis (OA). Along with existing treatments, new advances are being made in the realm of stem cell research. For those looking into new treatment options for OA, Stem Cell Miami can help determine if stem cell knee injections are right for you.

What are the Basics of Stem Cell Research?

When discussing the field of stem cell research, things can get pretty complicated. Basically, stem cells are indistinguishable cells that can divide multiple times to replace damaged cells. These cells are ‘indistinguishable’ because once they replicate they can, essentially grow to fit in where they are needed. For example, before an embryo develops and begins to form into the shape of a human, it starts as a mass of cells; no skin, no organs- those cells haven’t developed far enough for that yet. They started out as stem cells. When stem cell research is discussed, embryonic stem cells are the most talked about and controversial because they have to be taken from a living embryo, only a few days after conception. However, stem cells can also be taken from adults, and they can be found anywhere in the body; some are easier to harvest than others. Bone marrow is a popular place to harvest stem cells; however, research is showing that fatty tissue is also an excellent source for them as well.

How Can This Help My Osteoarthritis?

When a patient is diagnosed with OA, this means there has been a breakdown of cartilage between the joints, most commonly in the knees. This breakdown can be caused by age, weight, or injury among other causes. By using stem cell knee injections, the idea is to stimulate cell regeneration from the stem cells into cartilage. While there are other methods of treating OA such as physical therapy, weight loss, surgery, or using anti-inflammatories, the popularity in considering injections is on the rise. The use of injections is not only easier, but it is also a longer lasting solution to a painful everyday problem OA sufferers have to deal with.

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Living in beautiful Miami isn’t worth it if osteoarthritis keeps you from being able to go out and live your best life. Talk to your doctor, make a plan, let the professionals help determine the best courses of action for your OA treatment. Before considering something as drastic, and frankly limiting, as surgical options, find out if stem cell knee injections might be right for you. Call or visit Stem Cell Miami to see how they can help you take a pain-free step in the right direction.

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