When you consult with pain management doctors, they may advise you to opt for either surgery or medication. However, Stem Cell Miami offers a third option for those who are suffering from back pain and do not want to invest in the emotional and physical toll that surgery and medication may have on their lives. If you are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy for back pain, contact Stem Cell Miami.


1) Utilizes Your Body’s Own Stem Cells


There are many surgeries that you can opt to use that can be harmful for you because of the many side effects that are possible. However, with stem cell therapy for back pain, you are using your own stem cells, which means that your body will not reject them in the same way that it may reject some other form of treatment.


2) Minimally Invasive Procedure


When you use stem cells, you do not have to undergo a serious surgery. Surgery not only forces you to be subject to anesthesia and side effects. However, with stem cell therapy for back pain, you do not have to undergo any of that since it is an outpatient procedure that requires no anesthesia.

3) Little to No Downtime from Daily Activities


The other thing that can be difficult to deal with in regards to surgery is the fact that you have to take time off from your regular activities in order to go through with it. This means that you will have lost wages and lost time away from your family as you wait for your body to finish healing. However, with stem cell therapy for back pain, you can jump back into your regular life with no downtime.


4) Helps Your Body Heal Itself


When you utilize stem cells, your body can heal itself through the use of said stem cells. When you use medication, you are simply masking the pain rather dealing with it directly. However, when you use stem cells, your body is actually taking the steps necessary to begin the healing process by turning the stem cells into healthy cells of the type that are found at the location of the treatment.

5) Less Upkeep Than Surgery


Unlike surgery where you may have to return for physical therapy, stem cell therapy for back pain is relatively low maintenance. While you may choose to return for new pain down the road, continual treatment is not required.

Speak to Pain Management Doctors


Pain management doctors will tell you that surgery can take a toll on your life and medication will only hold off the pain for so long. However, stem cell therapy can be a viable option for those who want to find an alternative to other forms of treatment. If you would like to learn more about stem cell therapy, contact Stem Cell Miami to see what other treatment areas we specialize in.


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If you would like to see what your options are for your back pain, contact Stem Cell Miami.

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