Regenerative therapy is a developing field and it is growing constantly. Stem Cell Miami, a regenerative medicine clinic located in Miami, has been working to utilize stem cell therapy as effectively as possible for its patients. We know that there are even more exciting things to come and we are thrilled to see where the research will lead us. To learn more about our services, contact us today.


1) Tissue Engineering


The use of stem cells in order to create new tissue in the place of damaged tissue is already something that is developing rapidly. As we head forward in the future, we will see much more in the way of tissue engineering in order to heal damaged tissues.


2) Stem Cell Banking


Stem cells from the placenta are incredibly valuable because they are in their purest and most pristine state. They are, therefore, the most helpful for potential healing purposes. Many people have begun to bank these stem cells for the moment they may be needed in the future.


3) Clinical Applications of MSCs


MSCs are also known as Mesenchymal stem cells. These are frequently used to treat a number of different ailments in stem cell therapy. As more research is done on these versatile cells, we will certainly see more use of them utilized in different procedures.


4) Parabiosis


A study was done to test the effects of blood from those under twenty-five on the health of those infused with that blood who happened to be over thirty-five. The results were positive, showing a real reversal in the aging processes in those who received the transfusions.


5) Stem Cells to Grow Organs


By utilizing only stem cells taken from the human skin, scientists have been able to create a whole human eyeball in lab studies. This is only the beginning of growing human organs.


6) Stem Cells to Help Stroke Victims


Studies have already been done to see whether the stem cells have any effect on stroke victims and the results were shockingly positive.


7) Stem Cells to Help Paralyzed Victims


A doctor performed a test on a twenty-one year old man to see if it would improve his mobility. The results showed that three months later he had an improvement in movement in both of his previously paralyzed arms.


8) Stem Cells to Make New Blood


There has been much recent research to see how regenerative medicine can be used to create a new limitless supply of blood.


9) Stem Cells to Heal Damaged Hearts


Stem cells have also been used to create patches that could potentially patch a damaged heart. Rather than utilize man-made materials, it will allow the body heal itself.


10) Save Cardiac Arrest Patients Through Regenerative Therapy


Researchers hope to utilize stem cells to cure heart failure after a heart attack.


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If you would like to begin to utilize regenerative therapy, Stem Cell Miami is here for you. We know that regenerative medicine can already do so much for those who are looking for long-term solutions to their ailments. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us today.

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