Are you feeling trapped, overwhelmed, or hopeless? Suffer no longer. Pathwaves is a new brainwave therapy that utilizes the process of Neural Empowerment to correct brainwave imbalance. This revolutionary methodology uses the powerful science of neuroplasticity, along with timeless healing modalities, to help you attain an ideal state of balance. Do not tolerate imbalance any longer and work with the experts in regenerative medicine at Stem Cell Miami. Take back the power in your life and feel more confident today.


How Does Pathwaves Work?


Life’s challenges can impact us in deep ways that go on to cause physiological changes in our brainwave activity. Some of these events are so firmly rooted in our subconscious we may not even immediately realize the root of the problem, whereas other events, like losing a loved one or experiencing a traumatic event. These events can trigger imbalances, and Neural Empowerment aims to correct the imbalance and shift the brain back to a natural state of equilibrium.  


Neural Empowerment is a non-invasive and holistic methodology that combines hard science and expert guidance to teach you to find your balance. It begins with a brain map using standard electroencephalogram (EEG) technology. We start measuring activity in different parts of the brain. These are areas that control cognition, happiness, anger, sleep, anxiety, stress, compulsion, and countless other emotions and behaviors. By examining this map, we can clearly identify areas of the brain that are out of balance.


The next step is where Neural Empowerment and regenerative medicine take charge. You start by relaxing in a comfortable chair and are guided in meditative thought by a Neural Empowerment expert. This expert coaches you into a state of personal harmony. This state of consciousness generates an entirely different brain map than the one you’ve been struggling with in your everyday life. The key to taking control of your life is developing a mindful awareness of this balanced state and this new brain map.

To get you there, Pathwaves uses advanced computer software to convert the ideal neural patterns of your balanced brain into audible tones of very specific bandwidths. These tones are played back to you during a series of expert assisted sessions.


Your brain, without the slightest manipulation, begins a subconscious conversation with itself. It’s sometimes called mirroring because what your quieted mind is hearing represents a reflection of how it should be functioning. Your brain begins to identify with these balanced neural pathways, starts to correct itself, build new neural connections, and guide you towards an optimized state of personal balance. This form of regenerative medicine will leave you feeling more in control of your life.


Can Brainwave Therapy Help You?


Pathwaves can assist people struggling from a multitude of problems. If you struggle with any of the following, take the first step in recovery and call Stem Cell Miami today.


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep Issues

  • Eating Disorders


  • Stroke Recovery

  • Brain Trauma

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Sports/Athletic Performance

  • Addiction


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Be among the first in Miami to experience Pathwaves and begin leading a better life today. This brainwave therapy is available now at Stem Cell Miami, call us now.

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