Regenerative medicine can make a huge difference to those patients who are dealing with several different conditions. Stem Cell Miami knows that PRP treatment can have incredible results for many ailments that people deal with. That is why we strive to make sure that we make our patients aware of what can be helped with PRP so that they can seek treatment when they need it. If you are looking to learn more about our services or you have questions about PRP treatment specifically or regenerative medicine as a whole, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.

Conditions That Can Be Treated with PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment can serve many purposes. It is because it is so revolutionary that it has made it possible for people with all sorts of ailments to see real results with this treatment. While these results are not overnight, they do cause a lasting change in the overall health of the patient. Additional conditions have yet to be proven to be benefitted by PRP, but there is much research to still be completed.


Some key conditions that see results from PRP are:

  • Multiple Sclerosis: PRP helps the body to heal itself through platelet rich plasma. This resource is injected into the site that is damaged, where it then replaces the injured cells for healthy cells.


  • Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis


  • Spinal Cord Injuries & Sports Injuries


  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


  • Peripheral Neuropathy


  • Sciatica


  • Tendinitis of the Thigh

Want to Learn More About Regenerative Medicine?

If you have been looking for a solution to your conditions or ailments, we may have the solution. Stem cell therapy as well as PRP therapy have been making big waves in the medical industry for their incredible power and we want you to see these benefits for yourself. We know the results that regenerative medicine can have and we want you to have them as well. With all the services that we offer and with our ample expertise, you are certain to find exactly what you need.

Whether you are suffering from arthritis or another kind of condition, we understand how to treat you. PRP is a safe and effective procedure that requires zero downtime and provides long-term results. If you are interested in learning more about our services or our procedures, contact us at Stem Cell Miami today or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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Stem Cell Miami is a clinic for regenerative medicine that is located in Miami. We know the benefits that there are to regenerative medicine and we want to make sure that as many people benefit from it as possible. We know that it can be difficult to deal with certain conditions, but we may have the relief that you have sought. Whether you are dealing with sciatica or osteoarthritis, PRP may make the difference that you never expected. If you are interested in learning more about PRP treatment and how we can help you, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.

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