For people who are new to the world of regenerative cell therapy, there are many misconceptions that you must be aware of in order to get a true understanding on how this form of health procedure can help you. Here at Miami Stem Cell, our professionals are here to make sure that you have all the information you need when it comes to stem cell therapy. We are conveniently located in Miami, FL. 


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Stem cell therapy can serve as an alternative treatment for many patients with joint pain, ligament and tendon damage, and back injuries. As new information and findings rapidly emerge, both new and old stem cell myths persist. Ongoing stem cell research and clinical experience in regenerative medicine are beginning to clarify many of these misconceptions.


Top Misconceptions of Regenerative Cell Therapy

  • Stem Cell Therapy Is Not Legal
  • Stem Cells for Treatments Are Harvested from Embryos
  • Stem Cells Need to Be Banked at Birth to Allow for Later Treatments
  • Bone Marrow Is the Best Source of Stem Cells
  • Stem Cell Therapy Is Unsafe
  • Stem Cell Therapy Is Unproven
  • Stem Cells Are the Ultimate Cure for Everything
  • Most Religions Oppose Stem Cell Research
  • Americans Need to Travel Abroad for Stem Cell Treatments
  • Stem Cell Therapy Is As Difficult A Recovery for Patients As Invasive Surgery

Adult autologous stem cell therapies hold great promise for the future of medicine because of their potential to minimize pain, improve cartilage health, improve lumbar discs or facet joints, as well as help heal soft tissue damage. The ability to utilize stem cells from one’s own body to safely and naturally treat many different patient ailments is beginning to revolutionize healthcare. With more public support and cooperative regulatory policies, adult stem cells have the potential to change the healthcare landscape forever.


We Are The Best When It Comes To Stem Cell Therapy

Miami Stem Cell’s mission is to control orthopedic related pain and suffering by using the latest and most innovative Regenerative Medicine therapy procedures available today. As one of the leading stem cell institutes in the United States, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch service in the field of Regenerative Medicine, a branch of medicine that is now being considered as one of the most promising fields in modern medicine. At Miami Stem Cell, the safety of our patients is always our top priority, and we strictly adhere to all FDA mandates and regulations, in order to deliver the best results, in the safest form and for the benefit of all our patients. 


Our ultimate goal is to successfully bring Regenerative Medicine treatment therapies to a sector of the population that suffers from painful orthopedic conditions always using the most professional, safe, friendly, and honest type of approach. In addition, we will not treat any medical conditions that we have no strong scientific evidence that our Regenerative Medicine treatments would be effective at treating, like neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s or any pulmonary diseases or would ever place any of our patients at the risk of any adverse effects, since patient safety is always of utmost importance to us.


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Relieve your pain today with regenerative cell therapy. Miami Stem Cell has the treatment you have been long awaiting. Our mission is to control orthopedic related pain and suffering by using the latest and most innovative regenerative medicine therapy procedures available today. If you have any pain regarding your knee or back, contact us today and see how we can make that pain go away. Make an appointment and begin the healing immediately with a stem cell therapy procedure.

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