Rib fracture treatment can come in many forms but in order to effectively treat pain, regenerative medicine may be the answer. Stem Cell Miami in Miami offers these revolutionary treatments for those who are looking for a better solution to their rib cage pain. Patients often mistakenly believe that in order to effectively treat their pain they must use medication, but there are other options. If you would like to see a real difference in your rib cage pain, contact Stem Cell Miami for more information about their services and schedule an appointment.


Rib Cage Pain After a Rib Fracture


A rib fracture can be a frightening injury for most people who suffer from it. However, it is actually a fairly simple injury to treat. This is because a rib injury is actually a self-healing injury. That is, a rib fracture will typically heal on its own within six weeks. This means that, for the most part, the only thing that you have to worry about is making sure that you are managing your pain. For most people, this means that you have to take medication or even utilize anesthesia in order to help with the pain.

That said, not everyone wants to use medication as a solution and not everyone is comfortable having to rely on those medications in order to feel better. Because the pain can be quite difficult to ignore, however, people may feel that they have no other options but to turn to medication in order to feel normal and be able to function comfortably. Even when these very same medications may cause undesirable side effects, people still prefer the stupor they may be under with medication than the constant searing pain they may have without it.


Can Regenerative Medicine Serve as a Rib Fracture Treatment?


Regenerative medicine is a new form of treatment for a variety of conditions that can make a serious difference in patients’ lives. Because it focuses on helping the body heal itself, it doesn’t involve medication with ample side effects and targets the pain at its source. The body then creates new, healthy cells and those cells take the place of the damaged cells which are causing the pain.

If you are suffering from rib cage pain as a result of a fracture, there is a rib fracture treatment that could help you. Contact Stem Cell Miami to learn how regenerative medicine could help your pain without the need for medication. They are devoted to helping their patients receive the pain relief they have been searching for and get the help they need to move forward and heal effectively.


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Do not suffer through your rib cage pain or resort to pain medication. There is a real solution to be found in regenerative medicine. If you would like to learn more about regenerative medicine or you would like to schedule an appointment to end your rib cage pain, contact Stem Cell Miami in Miami.

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