A torn ACL is every athlete’s worst nightmare. While you may have been told that your only option to fix your torn ACL is highly invasive surgery, there are actually other options available to you when it comes to repairing your ACL injury. Your body is, in fact, conditioned to repair itself. A non-surgical alternative that uses your own cells to repair the damage to your ACL is interventional orthopedics, which utilizes precise image-guided injections of your own body’s healing agents to assist in repairing tissue. Read on to learn more about stem cell ACL repair and what options could be available to you. If you are interested in stem cell knee injections, contact Stem Cell Miami in Miami today!


ACL injuries and Stem Cell Reparations


If your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is injured, it can result in substantial difficulty with basic mobility and function. This type of injury is especially common among athletes, and even more so with professional ones. Injuries such as torn ACLs and surgeries to repair them occur in practically every sport, from NBA point guard Derrick Rose to U.S. soccer player Alex Morgan. At the point of ACL tear, unlike regular strains or sprains to the ACL which generally heal with rest, the favored treatment option is ACL surgery involving applying a tissue graft taken from elsewhere in the body or a cadaver. Unfortunately, this type of graft attaches at an angle which is steeper than than the original tendon, resulting in more compression on the cartilage in the knee and an increased chance of osteoarthritis while the position sense and strength in the repaired knee never goes back to normal. Moreover, patients who receive this type of surgery are substantially more likely to experience further knee injuries. We at Stem Cell Miami provide stem cell knee injections that are able to replace up to 70% of ACL-repair surgeries. This injection-based outpatient procedure utilizes precise image guidance to inject custom concentrations of your body’s natural healing agents into the precise areas of damage in order to tighten and stabilize your knee joint for improved mobility and function.


We Offer Stem Cell ACL Repair


The procedure we offer happens throughout the course of a week, although every individual case can vary. This includes the pre-injection of a special hypertonic dextrose solution to create a mild inflammatory environment to conduct healing on the first day of your procedure, and then a stem-cell procedure where bone marrow from the lilac crest of your hip bones (significantly less invasive than a bone marrow biopsy) on the second day, which takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Then, there is a a blood drawn and post-injection of platelet-rich plasma concentrations, which takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The recovery process is generally fairly quick when given the proper rest and recuperation along with physical therapy. Find out more with a consultation by Stem Cell Miami!


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Stem Cell ACL Repair is a less invasive option compared to traditional surgery. Call Stem Cell Miami today for consultations regarding your stem cell knee injections today.

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