This week I am sharing with you a new version of an article that I published over a year ago, and based on the impressive results we have experienced in the last year, I continue to feel confident that stem cells are a magnificent option to “insure” your life.

A while back, I had a visit from Jose, a very respectable 76 year old gentleman that was looking for second opinion on the possibility to use stem cells to cure his debilitating leuchemia. His bone marrow stem cells had simply stopped working y he continued to have a recuction in red & white cell blood count, as well as his plateletets. He had already consulted with the Oncology departments at various local hospitals, but none had offered the option of a stem cell transplant.

No Stem Cell Institute in Miami (including ours) works towards helping cancer patients, but I am hoping that in the very near future, we could be able to help these suffering cancer patients with stem cell therapies, something that might have helped saving the life on many people. just like Jose.

Let me a bit more explicit on this particular very sad case. Jose had his bone marrow stem cells basically depleted / destroyed by his leukemia and he was anxiously hoping for a transplant (with the HLA gene code) since that would be much more compatible with Jose. The next step was to try to radiate Jose, in order to kill his diseased cells and transplant a healthy bone marrow (from another person) and thus, reinvigorate his healthy cells. The risk was obvious, during the irradiation Jose could die, or if the new transplanted cells did not adhere or were rejected by his body, Jose would consequently die.

However, all of this could have been completely different if Jose could have saved in a stem cell bank, his own cells when he was 20 or 30 years old.  Today we have the possibility to “freeze” our cells in liquid nitrogen with special preservation techniques. It has already been proven that once they “defrosted” 5, 10 or even 20 years later, more than 98 percent of the cells still preserved their full vitality. If Jose could have had the possibility to preserve his own young cells, such treatment could have possibly cured his leukemia, without the need of a donor. He could have used his own cells (20 or 30 years) younger cells!

In our institute we specialize in the application of Autologous Stem Cells to treat illnesses like: arthritis and other orthopedic related conditions. These implanted stem cells are very effective at treating a multitude of consitions, including: broken tendons in the shoulders, wrists and ankles. We also effectively teat hip lesion, sciatic nerve pain and also restoring the loss or repearing damaged nerves to help with peripheral neuripathy, something that was hard to imagine 20 years ago. All of this we achieve with collecting and implantinitn stem cells in one procedure, with the patient’s own stem cells. But can you imaging if we could use the patient’s own stem cells from 20 years ago? I am sure that the results would be utterly amazing! For the moment I will continue to lobby