Today I am going to tell you what transpired in the case of Dora, a lovely retired 70 year Cuban lady that came to see me (several years ago) suffering from a strong & debilitating pain on her left knee.

Although she had already undergone strenuous physical therapy, injections and taken multiple pain medications (provided via her medical insurance) she had been unable to achieve any relief. Consequently, her doctors informed her that her “one & only” choice was to have knee replacement surgery on her left knee.

So then, Dora decided to come to our institute (3 years ago) with the hopes that she could save what she called back then “her bad knee”. After evaluating her condition via an MRI, we were able to determine that she was suffering from advance osteoarthritis (grade III of a possible IV) on her left knee and such knee had also lost about 50% of its cartilage. Curiously, her MRI also showed a slight degeneration on her right knee, but that at that time, such knee was not causing her any pain.

After explaining all of this to her, we came to the conclusion that she needed a stem cell transplant from her own bone marrow and also stem cells derived from her fat, in order to avoid her invasive knee replacement procedure. At the time, we also decided not to proceed on doing anything to her right knee, since it was not causing her any pain.

Two months after her stem cell transplant, her left knee pain (almost miraculously) had disappeared and in spite of her lesion being rather severe, she is still pain free on that left knee to this day! While this amazing story should have had a “happy ending”…unfortunately that was not the case. Remember her right knee that was not causing her any pain three years ago? Well that “good knee” had become Dora’s “Achilles Tendon” of sorts.

Dora came back yesterday to our institute (3 years after her first stem cell implant) and told me that her other knee had started to bother her in the last few years and that she had already had 6 cortisone injections, 5 injections of hyaluronic acid and countless physical therapy sessions, anti-inflammatory medications, even including strong (and highly addictive) pain medications like oxycodone. After all these unsuccessful treatments, she was (once again) told by her doctors that she needed knee replacement surgery on her “good” knee. Meanwhile, her initial “bad” knee that had received the stem cell transplant three years ago, was still doing great and she was experiencing no pain at all.

Yesterday, Dora furiously told me that she could not understand the reasons why insurance companies refused to implement offering Regenerative Medicine treatments to treat orthopedic conditions (like her stem cell transplant) since they already knew that these treatments worked well and were completely safe.

And while I really did not have any valid answers to her questions & concerns about why insurance companies refused to cover these amazing treatments, I did offer her a solution to her problem and promptly gave her a prescription for a new MRI, in order to properly evaluate her condition. I was sure that if her first knee stem cell transplant had worked marvelously, why would it work again on her other knee? Dora then quickly gazed at me and gave me a hopeful smile while telling me: “I am sure that it will doctor!”

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