Today was an extremely busy day at our Stem Cell Miami Institute, first conducting follow ups on our numerous cases conducted in December and then evaluating a myriad of new cases, all from patients desperately looking to find a solution to their painful conditions.

After this very long day, I started reflecting on several things that grabbed my attention on TV over our holiday break and decided to write this article based on these very alarming facts.

First, I was amazed by the bombardment of legal service related ads, trying to offer monetary compensation / settlements to the many patients that have been implanted with defective knee and hip implants, something that has been increasingly happening since 2010. The saddest part of this whole issue is that many of these patients with these unresolved issues, are often unable to control their pain, even after submitting themselves to a second invasive operation to try and correct the problem.

Secondly, the news about the current alarming opioid overdose epidemic that is affecting our entire nation and seems to be completely out of control. On the other hand, I find very interesting that the same companies that fought to get these “pain killers” readily accessible, are the same folks that are now trying to stop this tragic epidemic from spreading any further.

Thirdly, these anti-inflammatory medications sold with or without prescription, are not only  causing cardiovascular complications, heart attacks & internal bleeding issues, but now are also being linked to infertility related problems in both males & females. Consequently, many large pharmaceutical companies are very upset with the recent media uproar on this topic and are desperately struggling to stop many of these clinical study findings from becoming public.

I then became even more perplexed on the fact that there is a big difference between this major medical disaster and the use of stem cell therapy procedures. We obtain amazing results using stem cells collected from bone marrow, fat, placenta & umbilical, as well as platelet rich plasma and best of all, with NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS OR COMPLICATIONS.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to say that stem cell implant procedures are completely painless.  These procedures are conducted (under sedation) relatively quickly and the patient walks out of our institute (experiencing only some minimal discomfort) the same day, with many patients being able to travel back home to their countries of origin (or can easily return to work) the following day. In the end, I mostly want to reiterate on the importance between experiencing some minor discomfort versus the catastrophic complications caused by defective prosthesis procedures, internal bleeding issues and opioid overdose related concerns.

Regrettably, many continue to question about the true benefits of cellular or biological treatments to treat many orthopedic related conditions, while the answer is right under their nose: They provide effective results with zero complications!

So if you, a family member or friend are interested in receiving treatment with stem cells or PRP, call us at (305) 598-7777. For more information visit: in English and Spanish or on YouTube @Stemcellmiami or also follow us on FB and Twitter. Stem Cell Miami would appreciate any comments on this article or if you want to write directly to the doctors please do so at:





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