New clinical trial results show that stem cells can restore sufficient erectile function to allow
previously impotent men to have spontaneous intercourse. This is the first time stem cell therapy
has produced patients who have recovered sufficient erectile function to enable intercourse. This is an early trial, which was primarily addressing safety and dosage (a Phase 1 trial), so the results need to be interpreted accordingly.
In recent years several groups have worked to develop stem cell therapy as a cure for erectile
dysfunction, but until now the improvements have not been sufficient to allow affected men to
achieve full sexual intercourse. Results presented at the European Association of Urology conference
in London show that 8 out of 21 have successfully regained sexual function.
Lead researcher, Dr Martha Haahr (Odense University Hospital) said “What we have done establishes
that this technique can lead to men recovering a spontaneous erection – in other words, without the
use of other medicines, injections, or implants. We are now beginning a larger Phase 2 trial to better
evaluate its effectiveness and confirm its safety”.

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