Regenerative therapy is a type of treatment for those suffering pain to get what they need to recover their damaged cells. Stem Cell Miami offers these treatments and encourages its patients to read up on the benefits of stem cell therapy for their pain. Utilizing regenerative medicine not only resolves the patient’s issue with their pain but also puts them in a position to see long term improvements in their well-being. Contact us at Stem Cell Miami to learn more about how regenerative medicine could help you or visit our website to see our options for treatment.


What is Regenerative Therapy?


Regenerative therapy is more than simply utilizing stem cells. Regenerative therapy also utilized PRP therapy to help healing in the body. PRP is Plasma Rich Platelets. The way that the treatment works is by using the patient’s own blood and placing it through a centrifugal process. The blood is then separated and the platelets are concentrated. Those same platelets are then placed into the patient at the site of the injury or pain and used to heal the patient from the inside out.

Stem cells function in much the same way and that is what makes regenerative therapy so exciting. By being able to utilize regenerative therapy in different ways, you can get the healing that you need to better your overall health and not have to commit to surgery or medication.


Regenerative Medicine Benefits


Regenerative medicine has an array of benefits and as more research is conducted, the number of procedures that are available to be performed increases.


  •       Nerve regeneration
  •       Reduces the effects of aging
  •       Increases the longevity of the body
  •       Can be used to repair damaged organs

With more abundant research, people will soon start to see different benefits from regenerative medicine not previously offered. While now only cell replacement is possible, in the future doctors and researchers are hopeful to see entire organs crafted from stem cells in order to more readily sustain transplants and to aid with the problem of organ rejection. This may seem like science fiction to many people now, but the field of regenerative medicine is constantly pushing forward and it may not be long before we see all this and more.

Stem Cell Miami is a clinic located in Miami, Florida that offers stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine practices. We utilize these treatments assist people with their pain and to help them begin to see a real change in their quality of life. If you would like to learn more about our services and treatments and learn whether you could benefit, contact us at Stem Cell Miami.


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Stem Cell Miami knows how beneficial regenerative medicine can be and they encourage their patients to take advantage of these benefits and strengthen their overall health. If you would like to learn more about how Stem Cell Miami can help you, contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors or visit our website.

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