Revolutionary IV Therapy & Wellness Treatments Available At Stem Cell Miami

By: Dr. Robert E. Jacobson

In the last decade, life expectancy is getting longer and people are more active. As a result, people are focusing more on healthier living and prevention. So what can we do?  Clearly, exercise, healthy eating or taking vitamins have benefits but we can also have early and more advanced health problems because of heredity, poor health secondary to smoking or obesity or development of other medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, various autoimmune conditions and cancer. Patients are looking at options to maintain good health, correct disease in early stages or reverse underlying risk problems before they cause irreversible changes in their body. Many athletes and professional sports teams use IV Therapy to maintain peak performance. For the patient, using IV Therapy can be a part of this medical process to maintain and restore your health.

IV Therapy is an extension of the normal use of an intravenous tube (IV) to replace body fluids either in the hospital or physician’s office. This is commonly done to either transfuse blood, or replace fluids and electrolytes. IV Therapy is an extension of this routine process but used to give additional supplemental fluids, electrolytes or different vitamins and amino acids to boost the body’s health and immune response. However, the key step with IV Therapy is first doing a health and blood analysis to assist the physician in determining which of these elements are deficient and may need to be replaced and how often this should be done by monitoring the results in follow-up.

Originally, IV Therapy was used to boost and treat a broad range of deficiencies with a general baseline solution of normal saline with various minerals, called Meyer’s Cocktail IV. However, as experience has evolved, and by combining the overall health and condition of the patient being evaluated with specific blood and fluid analysis, specific custom formulations are developed to address each patient’s unique requirements to restore a more normal balance or supplement deficits and improve their health, endurance and performance. IV Therapy can be used alone, especially with more systemic or generalized illnesses such as rheumatoid disease or as an adjunct or in combination with other medical treatments for the specific condition being targeted. In specific cases, such as migraine, medications can also be added to the infusion.  As part of the bio-analysis, a determination can be made on how frequently treatment must be done to maintain the effects. It is important to understand that each vitamin, and its dose, has specific effects so the mixture administered needs to be customized for each patient and needs to be administered in a controlled rate to minimize or eliminate any side effects.

The actual treatment session is always performed in a monitored medical setting by a trained IV Therapy specialist, usually a nurse, nurse practitioner or physician specifically experienced both in placing the intravenous line and understanding the effects and risks of each specific vitamin or amino acid used. The solutions are mixed using preservative free vitamins and fluids in a sterile environment. The intravenous therapy bag is always freshly mixed for each patient to prevent contamination or deterioration of the vitamins. The process of administering the fluid takes between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the patient and type of substances used. The most common ingredients uses are Vitamin C, Zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B plus amino acids. However, each amino acid can have different effects so care must be taken in using the correct dose, rate and frequency of administration. The commonly used amino acids are Glutathione, Arginine, Lysine, and Carnitine.

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