By Otto J. Rodriguez

Sick and tired?  Those are the conditions for many patients that suffer from osteoarthritis and other muscular or skeletal disorders.  Blame Mother Nature for the sickness, but the “tired” comes to us courtesy of our healthcare system.  These patients suffer through weeks and months of ineffective physical therapy and drug regimens before they can find relief, all in the name of holding down costs.

Fortunately, recent advancements in the field of Regenerative Medicine now provide non-invasive options to treat a wide array of medical conditions.  In clinical trials, these treatments have proven to be much more effective at controlling pain than the more traditional physiotherapeutic approach.

Stem Cell Miami® is highly regarded as a leader in Stem Cell Derived Therapy and the use of Regenerative Medicine that help patients control their pain quickly and easily with little or no down time and without having to undergo countless hours of physical therapy.  For these patients, the time and money saved by not having to miss work and family time are often nearly as valuable as the relief from pain.

Stem Cell Miami®’s signature Plasma-Rich Platelet (PRP) Transplant takes the patient’s own blood and processes it using the finest equipment to ensure that the blood is not exposed to contamination during processing and that the patient receives the optimum concentration of platelets.  Their Stem Cell Transplant takes stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow or fat and injects the cells into the affected area, often in less than one hour.

A new approach to treating pain with excellent results uses umbilical-cord and placenta.  Traditionally, repeated steroid injections were used to alleviate pain, but these subjected patients to weight gain, rising blood-sugar levels, and other complications.  Doctors have long been aware of the risks of steroids, but steroid injections were generally the only treatment covered by insurance. CLARIX® FLO will revolutionize pain treatment in soft tissues and joints by replacing traditional medicine treatments with a Regenerative Medicine solution that has no side effects.

After more than 5000 successful Regenerative Medicine treatments, Stem Cell Miami does not use any embryonic cell products and has instead been a pioneer in the use of CLARIX® FLO in regular and medical-study patients because it is derived from cells taken from healthy mothers that carried their child to full term.

These four approaches of PRP, Stem Cells from Bone Marrow, Stem Cells from Fat, and CLARIX® FLO give Stem Cell Miami®’s Team of Expert Physicians the tools to fight pain with speed and without complications.

For a free MRI evaluation, please call Stem Cell Miami® at (305) 598-7777 or 1 -855-598-CELL, visit them at or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and watch real patients tell their story in videos on Stem Cell Miami®’s YouTube channel.


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