If you love participating in sports, it is imperative that you take care of yourself. Taking care of oneself while engaging in sports activities can make or break your chances of ever playing a sport again. What if you get so injured to the point that you are physically unable to kick a soccer ball, or throw a football? Avoid a trip to a sports medicine clinic and possibly even stem cell therapy. At Stem Cell Miami, we are dedicated experts on what you need to do to stay injury free on the field or out on the court.


The Top Five Sports Injuries

  • Ankle Injuries

The most common injury among athletes is an ankle sprain. This is also known as the inversion sprain. This happens when the ankle rolls outwards. It causes the lateral ligaments to get damaged. This injury is more prone to individuals who partake in sports like football and basketball, which require them to perform quick turns on their feet. It also amplifies your chances if you are flat-footed.

  • Lower Back Pain

This can also be known as acute or chronic lower back pain. The injury is common amongst athletes who participate in gymnastics. This is because of the repetitive bending postures that the athletes have to do. Heavy weightlifters also encountered this injury more than most. This is because they place immense pressure on their backs during the sport. The pain starts as inflammation of the back and then has the chance of getting worse by spreading down toward the buttock region to the leg muscles.

  • Knee Injuries

The two main types of knee injuries are acute and chronic injuries. An acute knee injury refers to sudden sharp pains in the knee that athletes experience out of nowhere while practicing their sports. A chronic knee injury refers to one that happens gradually over time. These injuries are fairly easy to get if the athlete is not careful. This can happen when a playing a contact sport, by getting twists of the knee or heavy impact. The most common knee injuries come from footballers and rugby players. This is the dreaded tearing or rupture of the ACL. Let’s also not forget about the MCL and PCL tears. These lead to a torn meniscus as well.

  • Shoulder Injuries

Rotator cuff strain and shoulder impingement are the two most commonly found ailments among athletes today. These injuries lead to a severe weakening of the athletes if they are not properly treated. They are traced back to when individuals fall over an outstretched hand, repeated arm movements, and also heavy contact from a sport, like rugby.

  • Groin Injuries

This involves strains that are felt in or around the muscles of the inner thigh. This happens to athletes who participate in sports that include sprinting, hurdles, and require a lot of movement and change in directions. The athlete will usually feel the pain whenever they walk or pull their legs in an inward direction. If an individual has a weaker core, they are more susceptible to this injury.

How To Avoid A Trip To A Sports Medicine Clinic:

  • Warm up
  • Follow the 10% rule
  • Hydration
  • Utilize proper basic equipment
  • Do not forget to cool down


Contact Us Today For More Information

Avoid a visit to the sports medicine clinic today by following these simple prevention tips. If you are, however, unfortunate enough to get these injuries, stem cell therapy is the perfect method for you. Located in Miami, Stem Cell Miami has the treatment you have been long awaiting. Our mission is to control orthopedic related pain and suffering by using the latest and most innovative regenerative medicine therapy procedures available today. If you have any pain regarding your sports, contact us today and see how we can make that pain go away with stem cell therapy. Contact us to make an appointment and begin the healing immediately.

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