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Arthritis is a chronic disease that plagues thousands of sufferers throughout the United States. Stiffening, pain, and immobility is the result of connective tissue breaking down over time, and while some are luckier than others, very few are able to entirely escape the condition, which is why so many people seek treatment for their arthritis. One revolutionary treatment for arthritis is stem cell therapy. While the swelling and aching of joints have been one of the most wearisome indicators of aging since the beginning of mankind, stem cell arthritis treatment is holding promising, proven results. Miami Stem Cell is a top provider of stem cell therapy for arthritis in Miami. Call Miami Stem Cell ’ today and book an appointment to learn more about what Stem Cell Therapy can do for your arthritis!

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Stem Cell Treatment Produces Results


In the last two decades, scientists have come quite a long way in the field of stem cell research. Many promising results have been shown by new clinical trials in stem cell therapy for arthritis in many forms. For patients who suffer from arthritis, or are always on the lookout for treatments in order to aid their loved ones, should first be informed regarding the details of the disease. It’s also important to have a knowledge of how stem cell therapy functions and how effective treatments are. It’s important to be informed and have enough knowledge to make an informed decision regarding all of your treatment options. Firstly, you will want to have a thorough knowledge of what arthritis is and how how stem cell therapy can help. Over 50 million adults and 300,000 children are affected with a type of arthritis, and age quickens the onset. Arthritis consists of frequent inflammation in the joints causing cartilage and other protective joint tissue to break down as time goes on. The bones then rub against one another and cause pain and limited mobility without tissue to cushion them.

Stem Cell Arthritis Treatment


The human body is not able to replace tissue easily (or at all), which is why so far there has been no real cure for arthritis. Replacement is limited for cartilage, and the body cannot easily create new joint tissue. This is where stem cell therapy can come in. Now, there is the possibility of treating conditions once thought of as an unavoidable result of aging. Stem cells help the body to create new tissue that it doesn’t normally manufactureinanadult human, such as cartilage. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are capable of turning into a large variety of differentiated cells, and not only can they fix the patients’ current condition, but can continue to maintain the arthritic area for the rest of their life. The types of stem cells that we at Miami Stem Cell use come from the patient themselves, and can help to reduce inflammation and scarring, and provide the healthy management of the immune response.

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