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Stem Cell Miami stem cell injection in miamispecializes in regenerative medicine using stem cell injection practices. Our techniques are becoming highly sought after by patients in need of advanced medical treatments. Which is why our practice is now expanding! Stem Cell Miami now has offices popping up all over the United States so that more patients can experience how our services help to remedy serious medical conditions. You can still visit out stem cell treatment center in Miami, where we have been working for the past few decades to perfect this research and the future of medical advancements!

For now, here is a little bit about stem cell research, procedures, and our doctors here at Stem Cell Miami.

About Stem Cell Therapy


The use of stem cells to treat diseases or conditions is a relatively new medical practice. While bone marrow transplants remain the most common among stem cell treatments, we are working ruthlessly to perfect treatments for the use of a plethora of patient ailments.  People who might benefit from stem cell therapies include those with heart disease, stroke, cancer, spinal cord injuries, osteoarthritis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even burns.

But what are stem cells exactly?

Stem cells are raw material. Unlike other cells in the body, your stem cells have the natural ability to regenerate themselves. This is because stem cells are cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. However, when these cells become contaminated, these cells need to be treated. This is typically done through various medications such as chemotherapy. However, stem cell therapy practices the use of implementing new stem cells to replace those defeated ones so that the body heals naturally.

Our goal at Stem Cell Miami is to treat pain caused my arthritis and other factors. By using stem cells, we are negating the use of harmful medications such as chemo and radiation therapy. By incorporating the exercise of injecting more stem cells into the patient’s body we are helping in the methodology of letting your own body heal you. The orthopedic doctor who treats patients suffering from painful orthopedic conditions use safe, professional, and honest approaches, which is why stem cell therapy is becoming radically accepted in the general population.

Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cell Injection

One example that showcases how stem cell therapies help to regenerate bodily functions is the treatment of cartilage in the joints. Cartilage regeneration can be repaired from stem cell knee injections. These injections work to help repair the knee cartilage at a rate much quicker than the body can naturally produce. This new generation form of therapy will be monumental in the treatment of athletic injuries as well as degenerative joint diseases.

Here at Stem Cell Miami, our team of doctors have been viciously studying how to bring regenerative medications to the forefront of medical treatments. Stem cell injection practices are the least invasive form of treatment for medical ailments, and the list of positive outcomes along with the short list of negative side effects shows promise for the future of this study.

About Stem Cell Miami

Stem Cell Miami focuses on stem cell therapy for the vast population that suffers from painful orthopedic conditions. For over 15 years, the team at the Stem Cell Miami Institute has been heralded as true pioneers in the field of Regenerative Medicine, having performed thousands of stem cell procedures, while also delivering extremely positive results and with no adverse reactions reported to date.

Our Locations

Stem Cell Miami – Miami 

7374 SW 93RD AVE, Suite 202
Miami, FL 33173

Stem Cell Miami – Beverly Hills 

462 North Linden Drive, Suite 240
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Stem Cell Miami – New Jersey

101 Hudson Street
21st Floor
Jersey City NJ 07302

Stem Cell Miami – Denver Location

999 18th Street
Suite 3000
Denver CO 80202

Stem Cell Miami – Chicago Location

875 North Michigan Avenue
31st Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

Stem Cell Miami – St. Louis

1000 Chesterfield Business Parkway
2nd Floor
St. Louis MO 63005

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We are a group of doctors from different medical specialties with a common goal: to alleviate and reduce medical and cosmetic problems through the application of stem cell treatment.

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