Stem cells have been shown to be an effective way of treating degenerative diseases, such as degenerative disc disease in order to ease back pain caused by herniated discs. This can also apply to tendons, reducing the pain caused by tendonitis. The stems are collected from certain areas of the body, like bone marrow, and are conditioned through centrifuging to replicate into the cells needed in a different area of the body. This, according to experts at Stem Cell Miami, causes the stem cells to assimilate into the target are of the body and aid in regrowth of lost or worn tissue that’s causing pain or discomfort. For tendonitis, stem cell knee injections have been found to aid in treatment. So far, the most effective area to find stem cells is bone marrow since embryonic stem cells can lead to spontaneous cell growth which causes tumors to appear. Search for tendon injury treatments nearby in Miami and speak to a doctor about the best treatment for you.


What Are Tendons?


The part of your body that connects your muscles to your bones are tendons. They’re thick bands which allow your muscles to control your fingers, toes, elbows, and knees by using the energy produced by your muscles to bend your joints. Generally, tendon injuries are experienced by athletes, but you don’t have to be a track star to twist your ankle and cause serious injury to your tendons. Right now, the best way to heal a sprain, or a strain, is regenerative medicine through stem cell knee injections or injecting the stem cells into the most affected area. The previous course of action was a series of anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone. Unfortunately, inflammation is needed for healing, so using these medicines can actually lead to a tendon or ligament not healing, since they have no actual healing effect themselves and block collagen from assisting the body with its healing process.


What Exactly Are Tendonitis and Tendinosis?


The former is caused when a muscle, tendon, or ligament has been injured, and the body sends a wave of collagen to the injured area resulting in painful swelling. The collagen is around during the healing stage of the injury when the body is going through its own healing process. The latter, tendinosis, is something that occurs later on when the tendon has been worn down, but no inflammation has occurred. Many times, this can happen if an anti-inflammatory medication has been applied before the injury has had enough time to heal itself using collagen which causes the painful swelling that someone with this type of injury experiences.




If you are in the Miami area, don’t get outdated treatment if you or someone you know is struck with tendonitis or tendinosis. Speak with a doctor about stem cell knee injections to make sure you, or your loved one, is getting the proper treatment for a tendon, muscle or ligament injury. Your doctor will know best, but make sure to educate yourself using reputable medical journals to go into your meeting with your doctor well-educated on the risks and benefits of stem cell therapy.

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