If you’ve suffered a knee injury, you may be looking for a torn meniscus treatment. One treatment option you may consider is stem cell knee injections. Stem cell therapy has been an innovative treatment that has been used to treat a number of injuries and even cancer. Thanks to new research that has been done stem cell therapy may now be an option when trying to treat a torn meniscus. This is a real life-changing discovery because it could mean that these patients may no longer have to endure painful surgery and months-long recovery when they suffer this injury. If you’re interested in learning more and are in the Miami area Stem Cell Miami is the team of experts you should speak to.


The New Torn Meniscus Treatment

Many times when people have a torn meniscus, they are automatically told they’re going to need surgery, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, stem cell knee injections could be an excellent alternative for some patients. Especially since meniscus surgery removes tissue that could ultimately weaken the structure of your knee. The surgery also can remove some of the healing agents that will help your torn meniscus heal itself.


Research has found that a number of patients with meniscus injuries would benefit from a treatment option other than surgery that takes away some of the natural healing ability of your knee. It has been discovered that the meniscus has the capability to repair itself and regenerate when a tear has occurred. Also, it has been found that when a doctor surgically removes some of the meniscus tissue, they are removing some of the cells that can help repair some of the damage naturally. This is why stem cell therapy may be a good option for these patients. This non-surgical regenerative treatment can help stimulate the natural healing of your knee. The goal of this procedure is to rebuild the tissue that has been damaged and torn as well as provide stability to the knee. When this treatment is done, the physician will harvest your own stem cells and combine it with dextrose Prolotherapy to help treat the entire knee rather than just the area that was damaged and injured. Researchers have found that using stem cell therapy in conjunction with meniscus surgery can help relieve some of the pain that the patients were experiencing. This was true even if the patients only received one stem cell injection. Also, thanks to these treatments most patients had significant meniscal tissue regrowth. At their year checkup patients had up to a fifteen percent increase in meniscal volume. As a result of these stem cell therapy treatments, the overall condition of a patient’s knee joint can be significantly improved.


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