More than 600,000 knee surgeries are performed annually in the United States. These surgeries are performed on many Miami residents who have spent years water skiing, running marathons, playing golf, snorkeling and scuba diving, or some who just suffer from chronic arthritis. What most patients are unaware of is that by choosing stem cell knee repair many of these surgeries can be avoided. Stem Cell Miami offers stem cell procedures that could get you back on your feet and enjoying the things you love, pain-free, much quicker than surgery ever would allow.


An Alternative to Knee Surgery or Replacement


Stem cell procedures harvest and injecting your own adult stem cells. Many routine arthroscopic procedures can be avoided by allowing your own cells to repair tears and other minor tissue damage in the joint.


A prime example of an acute injury that responds exceptionally well to stem cell knee injections is a partial ACL tear. Arthroscopic knee surgery patients undergo a traumatic surgery to replace a ligament fully. With stem cell knee injections our experts at Stem Cell Miami can infiltrate the ligament of an intact ACL sheath, this allows the ligament can heal to become as strong as the original ligament.


Most patients are unaware that there are areas of cartilage in their knee that will respond well well to stem cell therapy procedures. They are often told that their joints are bone on bone, which greatly exaggerates the extent to knee joint damage. A large number of surgical patients are excellent candidates for stem cell therapy for their knee pains and problems. Stem cell therapy allows patients to avoid an invasive replacement surgery and return to the physical activity and athletic sports they love, without a joint replacement.


Benefits of Stem Cell Knee Repair


There are many benefits to using stem cell therapy in lieu of arthroscopic surgery. First and foremost the process is outpatient and minimally-invasive. The procedure is carried out without the use of general anesthesia leading to virtually no recovery downtime. Most patients who receive stem cell knee injections can return to work in just one or two days and back to regular physical activity, including athletics, in four to six weeks. Patients who receive stem cell therapy are able to return to their favorite activities with minimal discomfort and a much shorter period than those who opt for arthroscopic knee surgery.


The risks of surgery are far greater than receiving stem cell therapy. Surgical risks include things such as infection, bleeding, blood clots, and nerve injury. Not to mention surgical recovery tends to be more painful than receiving knee injections.


With stem cell procedures Stem Cell Miami repairs the original placement of the ligament and maintains the natural motion of the joint. This lowers the risk of future arthritic changes when compared to postoperative changes following a full ligament replacement done through knee surgery.


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