“True passion is the key to success,” is the powerful motto that has made the team behind Stem Cell Miami accomplish such tremendous achievements. Considered one of the top Regenerative Medicine Institutes in the world, Stem Cell Miami has become the “go to” Stem Cell Institute, not only for South Florida residents, but also for top-tier athletes and celebrities from around the globe.

After being firmly anchored at their South Miami location for almost a decade, “we continued to notice that patients were coming to us, not only from Latin America but also from the west coast of the US. Therefore, the most logical next step was to open a practice in Beverly Hills, the mecca for everything surrounding overall wellness, Regenerative Medicine, holistic treatments, pain management and rejuvenation procedures,” said Stem Cell Miami’s CFO Ingrid Machado.

While their Beverly Hills location will continue to offer all the signature pain-centric procedures that their Miami Flagship has become famous for, “in Beverly Hills we will also focus on beauty treatments using new stem-cell derived therapies that will help our patients feel and look younger, something that is of utmost importance to our wellness-driven Beverly Hills clientele,” added Machado.

Furthermore, Machado hopes that the new Beverly Hills location will be much more convenient for West coast and Asian patients.  

We were also informed that the Stem Cell Miami concept will soon encompass new offices in another eight key cities around the US, an impressive business endeavor that will position Stem Cell Miami as a true world leader in Stem Cell technology.

Machado explained that her vision is for all their Stem Cell Institutes to provide a comprehensive multi-specialty group of doctors that includes internal medicine, orthopedics, sport medicine, cardiology, gynecology, neurology, endocrinology and urology, all using innovative technologies to treat conditions like Musculoskeletal Disorders (mainly of the knees, shoulders, hips and ankles) that have not responded to medication or physical therapy and/or that have been considered for surgical  joint replacement. In addition, Stem Cell Miami physicians can successfully treat peripheral-vascular related diseases, congestive heart failure (CHF), erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia and urinary incontinence, as well as many other difficult-to-treat disorders.  

Machado continued saying that “we are very excited to share the wealth of knowledge that we have acquired with the success of more than 5000 Stem Cell Procedures in all the years that we have been practicing our innovative techniques in Miami and look forward to expanding that same knowledge, expertise and level of customer service with patients around the US.”

While Stem Cell Miami will continue to be pain-centered focused, they will also gradually implement their new “Wellness and Maintenance” therapy programs.  These programs provide annual treatments to prevent degeneration of the knees, shoulders, hips and spine with stem cells from the patient’s own body.

For more information about all these innovative procedures, please contact the Stem Cell Miami Flagship office toll free at 1-855-598-CELL or in Miami at (305) 598-7777 to book a consultation with their team of experts. You can also follow Stem Cell Miami on social media venues like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit their website www.stemcellmia .com

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