Stem cell therapy is one of the most promising new innovations in medical technology available today. There are many, many possibilities and applications for stem cell therapy, and we are only beginning to scratch the surface for what this innovative procedure can offer. Every single year, there are more discoveries and progress made in the field of stemcell technologies, making ever more strides towards creating the types of miraculous recoveries and results previously not considered possible. For the year of 2019, many more strides have been made when it comes to stem cell technologies. This means that for many more patients, there is hope for previously difficult to treat problems. Read on to learn more about what revolutions are predicted to be made in the world of stem cell therapy this year, and how you may be able to benefit from such advances. If you are wondering about where to start when researching the stem cell therapy procedure, call Stem Cell Miami in Miami today for a consultation regarding your stem cell therapy needs.


Top Predictions in Stem Cell Therapy


While there are a lot of “snake oil” predictions out there, there are also quite a few hopes for major advances in the world of stem cell therapy for potential patients. We at Stem Cell Miami produce these prognostications based on the analysis of a variety of information found both inside and outside the domain of the public to bring you what we think will happen to the possibilities of the stem cell therapy procedure this year. Firstly, for organoids (for example brain organoids) the upper size limit will continue to grow as vascularization and other related work continues to advance. These advancements in stem cell development are promising as it will enable further research. When it comes to clinical stem cell research for Parkinson’s Disease, there will be more hope offered concretely. In 2018, there was the 1st patient with stem cell transplants in Japan via an IPS cell-based product, which could mean great things for Parkinson’s Disease. In the political arena, there has been a 2020 state proposition for further funding for the California Stem Cell Agency in the talks, improving the chances of stem cell research in the future.


Predictions in Stemcell Technologies in 2019


One important positive prediction about the world of stem cell therapy for 2019 is that there has been more encouraging news in the field of stem cells for treatment of multiple sclerosis. When it comes to muscle repair, it is predicted by researchers that as stem cell technology becomes ever more affordable and accessible, more athletes and those suffering from muscle and ligament injuries will be utilizing stem cell therapy as a non-invasive, natural option to surgery in order to recover. This is due to the fact that stem cell therapy has a much shorter recovery time, and shows proven results.


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