The idea of hearing that scientists have discovered a way to use cells in one part of your own body to cure or at least treat severe pain in another part sounds like equal parts common sense and science fiction. Alas, the latter is untrue. Today, scientists are learning how to best use stem cells to use parts of the body to heal itself in another area. Stem cell research has given way to a new understanding of how the body works and just how strong it can be. Through stem cell therapy, scientists have discovered the best places to get the cells from, and how they can be used to ease the pain caused by degenerative disk disease and disk herniation, regardless of the cause. Look for your options in Miami by talking to your doctor. You can get in touch with experts at Stem Cell Miami for more information.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells which have the ability to transform into a wide variety of different kinds of cells. This allows these new cells to multiply and assimilate into different areas of the body and build up broken down tissue. Thanks to this, diseases which break down cell tissue can be more effectively found by supplementing the area with cells that can become the correct type of cell through various kinds of conditioning, such as centrifuging, which makes them more potent in order to accomplish its task most effectively. So far, the most useful stem cells have been found in bone marrow. They’re usually extracted from the back of the hip to cut down on the amount of pain caused by the procedure. Stem cell therapy has yielded great results so far, but there are always risks.

Risks Found in Stem Cell Research

Training cells to behave in specific ways can be risky since you’re essentially causing abnormal cell growth. Generally, the word “abnormal” is regarded as a bad thing when discussing medical treatment. If you hear that there’s something abnormal about something in your body, it never gives you a relaxed reaction. Therefore, this is one of the main concentration in studies of the subject. This sort of treatment can lead to spontaneous cell mutation, which can cause tumors to develop. So far, this has only been observed when using embryonic stem cells. It’s because of this reason that scientists primarily use bone marrow stem cells for the least most effective way of receiving the best possible results. On top of that, there is always the threat that opioids pose to anyone who is subjected to them, such as Gastrointestinal issues, sleep-related breathing problems, cardiovascular problems, hyperalgesia, increased risk of fractures, hormone problems, and depression. There is also the risk that invasive surgeries, sometimes unsuccessfully, permanently change the body’s natural structure.


If you’re in Miami and wish to learn more about stem cell therapy and what new risks and benefits may have been discovered, talk to your doctor about any new data that has surfaced out of stem cell research. Always be sure to find out what you can from reputable medical journals if you’re doing your own research. Contact us today!

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