If you’re considering undergoing the stem cell therapy, Florida locals trust than it is critical that you know what questions to ask before your treatment, this procedure has been used for a number of different conditions recently, including stem cell knee injections! However, if you don’t have all the information before going in for treatment, you may be left surprised. Miami Stem Cell wants to make sure that Miami residents have all of the details about these innovative injections and how they can help treat a number of conditions that you may be experiencing. 


The Top Questions To Ask Before Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy Florida!

Although procedures like stem cell knee injections have become standard practice in the area, it is still critical that you ask your doctor and treatment center any questions before your treatment. If you go into the therapy with any doubts or questions still in your mind, you won’t be as comfortable as you should be with the experience. However, many patients keep their questions to themselves because they aren’t sure if they are something that should be asked. That is why we are highlighting some of the top questions surrounding stem cell therapy below!


When it comes to the actual procedure itself, there are a number of different questions that you should be comfortable asking your practitioner. 

  • What are some of the benefits you can expect from stem cell therapy?
  • How can you measure the benefits and how long will it take to see results?
  • Are there any other special care or medications that you need after the treatment is complete?
  • Which stem cell source is going to be the best for your condition?
  • Are there any other treatment options for you and your specific condition?
  • What does the entire stem cell therapy procedure consist of, from start to finish?


As with any procedure, there are safety and emergency concerns that go along with stem cell therapy. These are probably the most important to have answered, so you feel comfortable with what is being done with your body.

  • If you receive donor stem cells, what are the success and failure rates?
  • Are there any long term side effects of stem cell therapy?
  • If you experience side effects, what can be done to help reduce and relieve them? Also, who should you reach out to if you do begin to develop side effects?
  • What experience level does the doctor and support staff have who is performing the procedure?
  • What equipment will be used for the therapy treatment and how advanced and sterilized is it?


Other major concerns that many patients have are the cost of their treatment and their rights as a patient. You should make sure that you get the answers to some of the questions below!

  • What is the total cost of the stem cell therapy treatment?
  • Are there any other costs that you will incur?
  • What are the patient’s rights, including confidentiality, update for new information, and the right to stop the procedure?
  • If you get injured during the process, what compensation are you entitled to?


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