If you have diabetes, you know how tiring it can be trying to regulate your blood sugar and making sure you stay healthy. This is especially true when your treatments and medications stop working. This is why a lot of people are turning to regenerative medicine for help. Stem cell therapy for diabetes is a new and innovative treatment that could help you regulate your sugar levels and make sure they remain in a safe range. Finding the right team to provide these procedures is essential because you want to be sure that they are someone you can trust. If you’re in the Miami area Stem Cell Miami can sit with you to go over your treatment options and how they can help treat your diabetes.


Understanding Stem Cell Therapy For Diabetes

Regenerative medicine has been used over the past few years for a number of different diseases and conditions. Most commonly it has been used to treat and relieve chronic pain. However, thanks to new advancements in technology and medicine stem cell therapy are now being used to treat patients with diabetes. Stem cells are helping doctors understand how diabetes affects the human body and how our body processes and breaks down sugar. Stem cell research is also being conducted to answer some crucial questions about the two different types of diabetes that people suffer from. In type 1 diabetes researchers are trying to figure out why the immune system begins to attack the body’s beta cells and no other cells in the pancreas or other organs. In type 2 diabetes they are trying to discover what exactly causes the resistance to insulin. The research being done is allowing doctors to track diabetes from a very early stage, which is usually before a person even knows they have the disease. The reason this is so important is that it is allowing people to examine and understand what occurs in the body that causes diabetes to develop and what genetic conditions are contributing to its development. It is also enabling researchers to identify similarities and differences between patients. The hope of this research is that doctors will be able to diagnose patients earlier, which will allow them to come up with a treatment plan to prevent the diabetes from getting worse and progressing.


Although a stem-cell based treatment for diabetes is still years away, the doctors and researchers are examining how stem cell therapy can restore the function of the body’s beta cells in patients with diabetes. The goal is to ultimately replace the lost beta cells as well as provide protection to these cells from future damage.


This treatment can make beta cells from embryonic stem cells (please not that Stem Cell Miami doe snot treat using embryonic cells at this time). These cells can be grown in a large quantity in a lab and have the ability to regenerate into any type of cell in the body once they are injected back into the patient. This includes glucose sensing and insulin-producing beta cells, which in the treatment of diabetes can be life-changing. Stem cell therapy can also allow beta cells to multiply and make copies of themselves. Beta cells can naturally do this in the pancreas, but it usually happens very slowly especially in a person with diabetes.


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