Stem cell therapy for elderly patients is one of the premier innovations in medical technology in the 21st century. Advancements in this field of regenerative medicine have made it possible for patients to experience the types of regenerative healing that was not thought possible in previous generations. One of concerns that those looking into this type of treatment may be having is regarding the impact that age may have on the success of stem cell treatment. There is very little proven association between aging and the success of stem cell treatment. There are claims out there that there are negative correlations in using stem cell therapy on the elderly, but very little to back it up. So does stem cell therapy not work as well on those who are a bit older? Read on to learn more about stem cell therapy and the various ways elderly patients can benefits from it, as well as the ways that stem cell therapy can work to restore health and function. Stem cell Miami is one of the premier providers of stem cell therapy in the Miami area. Contact us today for a consultation regarding this revolutionary new field and how it can help you!


What Is Stem Cell Therapy?


So does the age of the patient being treated actually affect stem cell treatment success? Let us first discuss a stem cell registry in order to answer this question. Patients are tracked at targeted time points starting prior to a procedure for many years after through a registry. Patient outcomes and complications and side effects are recorded through validated functional questionnaires in a registry, and these types of registries also exist for knee and hip replacements as well as other types of surgical procedures for orthopedics as well. In several other areas of medicine, such as cancer registries and trauma registries, registries also exist. The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Registry is one such example of a stem cell registry that provides the same type of data and outcome information for stem cell providers and their patients in order to ultimately help assist patient outcomes and quality of treatment. Stem cell registry data is able to improve how providers determine which stem cell treatment strategies would be best for further research, which feeds into the investigation of how age affects stem cell treatment.


Stem Cell Therapy For Elderly Patients


These stem cell data registries illustrate how various forms of treatment affect different patients, providing a clear record of how different patients are affected by such treatment. Through looking through years of stem cell registry data on our patients, we at Stem Cell Miami have found that there is no relationship between elderly patients and stem cell therapy not working as well. While it may be easy to assume that since older patients hold fewer and aging stem cells, treatments utilizing their own stem cells would produce less effective outcomes. However, we have found through extensive research and as can be plainly found on the stem cell data registries, age does not affect stem cell treatment success in treating orthopedic conditions. Older patients are able to do just as well with a precise injection of their own stem cells as younger patients are able to, making stem cell therapy an effective form of regenerative medicine for patients both young and old.


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Stem cell therapy for elderly patients using their own stem cells is just as effective as using fresh ones. For your Miami regenerative medicine needs, contact Stem Cell Miami for a consultation today!

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