Are you experiencing arthritis pain? Have you been searching for arthritis treatment but been unsatisfied with the results? Stem cell therapy is an option to treat your pain. While stem cell therapy for arthritis may seem unconventional for some, it is valid and innovative option for those dealing with pain from their arthritis. Stem Cell Miami offers this procedure and they are available as a resource for you to overcome arthritis pain. Contact them today to schedule an appointment and speak to a doctor about your treatment options.

Is it safe? What are the risks?

The safety of stem cell treatment has been researched thoroughly and it is generally considered safe. Since stem cell therapy for arthritis uses stem cells from the actual patient, you minimize the risk of the patient an adverse reaction. The only real risk associated with stem cell therapy is that of any medical procedure—a small risk of infection.

There are things that can increase the risk of infection but these only apply in certain cases. Some of these things are if the stem cells are not adult stem cells, if the stem cells are cultured in lab, or if the stem cells have been mixed with chemicals for preservation. These contributing factors can increase your risk of infection and negative reaction.

Is it effective as arthritis treatment?

There is significant controversy over whether or not stem cell therapy for arthritis is effective. Some doctors say that it is not effective enough as a treatment because it acts only as a placebo; however, there are doctors that point to clinical studies which have shown positive results.

The way that it works is that that the stem cells develop into the needed cartilage cells. This suppresses the inflammation that makes arthritis worse and releases proteins that slow down cartilage degeneration and decrease pain.

Your doctor can impact the effectiveness of the treatment as well. Having a trusted physician perform the procedure is going to impact how well it takes in your body and how much help it is going to provide with your pain.

That is why Stem Cell Miami is available for you. They have trusted staff who are specially devoted to stem cell treatment. They understand the intricacies of the procedure in a way that other doctors do not because that is their sole focus. They have the level of quality with their treatment that will guarantee the success of your procedure and improve your physical condition by alleviating your arthritis pain. Stem Cell Miami’s arthritis treatment is a fantastic option for those who are looking to solve their arthritis pain an effective and safe way.

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If you are dealing pain from arthritis, don’t allow yourself to suffer any longer. Speak to a doctor at Stem Cell Miami and get the expert advice you need to make a decision toward healing. Stem cell therapy can not only alleviate your pain but keep your body feeling better, longer.

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